Split is undeniably one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in Croatia. Being the 2nd largest city (after Zagreb) and Dalmatian Coast’s economic and cultural hub, Split offers a plethora of attractions that any holiday-maker would love. Right from its charming ancient historic sites to the amazing culture and foods all through to the stunningly beautiful coastlines, this Mediterranean city offers a holiday experience like no other.

A Quick Glimpse into Split’s History

Diocletian palace

Split became a centre of focus about 1700 years ago when Emperor Diocletian decided to construct a massive retirement palace sitting on the sea. The palace was designed more like a town with a wall surrounding it. Split experienced the rule and domination of many empires including the Byzantines, veterans, Croatian Kings, Italians and even Australians. Even today, visitors can still find a number of well-preserved ancient ruins and medieval churches that uniquely reflect the culture and architecture of Split.

The Beaches in Split

A typical summer holiday in Split can never deny you the soothing sunshine you so crave for. And there are plenty of beaches around the city that can be great to visit. Whether you want to spend your time lazing in powder-soft sandy beaches or take leisurely walks in pebbly beaches, the Split coastline can just guarantee you that. Some of the best beaches to visit in Split include Bacvice, Firule, Duilovo, Stobrec Delta, Znjan and more.


You can also check out other beaches on the nearby Islands of Hvar and Brac for even more unlimited water sports activities. Swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing, diving and sailing are some of the main activities dominate Split coastline during off and peak season. Whether you would want to engage in adrenaline-filled activities or escape from the crowds and enjoy time in a secluded area, the islands and beaches of split can guarantee you just that.

Other Fun Activities to Engage In Split

In addition to water sports, you can always enjoy other fun-filled activities in Split like taking a self-guided tour to the ancient Diocletian Palace and old town or go up the Marjan Hill to enjoy spectacular views of the city. You can also visit the Poljud Stadium and catch a Haduk Split football match live, join in the local festivals, pass by the streets and taste the local Mediterranean delicacies and/or rock night away in one of Split’s most vibrant night clubs. And ofcourse you can rent a yacht in Split and sail around nearby beautiful islands (Hvar, Brač, Solta…).

Where to Stay

One of the most reliable and convenient ways to get accommodation is by booking a room in a hotel, resort or guesthouse. The prices really vary depending on the level of amenities and type of luxury offered. A luxury guest house accommodation can cost around $110 going up while the price of a modest apartment accommodation can range between $55 and $ 110. If you want to stay in Split on a budget, then there are hostels and studio apartments that go for as low as $55 and below.

How to Get There

The easiest way to get to Split city is by taking a flight to Split Airport. Those from Europe and North America can enjoy direct flights from whichever country they are from. Upon reaching the Split Airport, there are plenty of buses, taxis, trains and ferries that can get you to the exact place in city that you desire.

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