You’re already booked for your flight, and your luggage packed. But the problem is, you still can’t figure out what to wear. But does it matter? It does. What you choose to put on when flying greatly affects the joy of the trip. It determines how you feel throughout, which can mean comfort or discomfort. Picture the cramped plane seats, the changes in temperature and the time you will spend flying. You will see why it’s important to choose what to wear carefully. Here are tips on what clothing and shoes to pick.

1. Wear Warm by Having Layers

Apart from the climate of your destination, the plane’s temperature won’t allow you to wear light. Put on a jacket (not too heavy), a sweatshirt, vest, or even a scarf. With more layers on you, you will feel comfortably warm and pack less in your bags. Should you get a bit too warm, you can always use the extra clothing as a pillow or cover for your legs. Alternatively, you can stash them under the space in front of you.

2. Compression Socks

These socks are a perfect choice, especially for people taking long flights or pregnant women. They will prevent your legs from swelling up by pressing against them. Wearing them helps you stay clear of deep vein thrombosis. Put them on for leg comfort in during the flight and upon getting off the plane.

3. Simple and Comfortable Shoes

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Don’t go fancy with your shoes. You would do well to avoid high heeled foot ware or any other clumsy pieces. Instead, choose low shoes that are easy to put on or take off. Go for flat slip-ons. You want to pass through the security checks without much of a hassle. You also want a pair that will allow you comfort while seated and when walking after arriving at your destination.

For women, simple ballet flats would make a perfect choice to wear on the plane. For men, a pair of comfy sneakers or any simple slip-on shoe would be ideal. If you select the laced types, ensure you don’t tie them too tight.

4. Choose Breathable Clothing

Wear fabrics that allow in air and moisture. They will prevent instances where you sweat and get clammy all over. You don’t want to feel dirty and in dire need of a shower during your flight. It can take away the joy of the trip. The fabrics can be natural such as cotton or synthetic ones that absorb sweat. You would do well to avoid nylons at all costs.

5. Pick Loose Fitting Clothes


From socks to pants, choose clothes that won’t hug your body too tightly. Combined with the cramped airplane seats, tight clothes can restrict the flow of blood and lead to discomfort or risk of clots. Avoid tight jeans or socks with tight uppers.

Don’t worry. You can still wear loose fitting clothes without looking out of place. Choose clothes that allow you to look stylish while at it. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t that you have to disregard your sense of fashion.

Your flight can be comfortable all the way if you pick the right things to put on. Wear appropriately, and your journey is bound to be easy all through. The idea is to wear loose fitting but warm clothes, comfortable shoes, and enjoy the time you spend on the plane.

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