Setting a budget when you are on a home decorating project is not easy. It is time-consuming, requires plenty of research and will require you to create a detailed itemized budget.

Remember that it is not possible to change your décor each time new trends and latest accents roll in. So if you are planning on a decorating project the mantra should be that you should be able to stick to and maximize your budget, and achieve all the décor goals you have in mind. Your new interiors should not only be stylish and trendy, but should also have timeless grace and charm.

A mammoth budget is not necessary to achieve you dream home. You can very well get the desired look if you spend wisely and on the right things. Investing in quality will always pay you back handsomely. It is also smart to spend more on long-lasting and trend-immune décor pieces, rather than on trendy accessories and accents that look outdated next season.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while setting a home decorating budget that is adequate and flexible. The budget should also be one that you are happy to spend and in accordance with your financial circumstances.

1. Consider Going Eclectic

If you want to get the most out of your home decorating project, learn to look beyond the expensive brands and investment art.

When you search catalogs, décor magazines and internet, and browse through stores, you will see that traditional interior designs tend to be expensive. There is, to an extent, rigidity in what you can and cannot have as part of the décor. Finding exact shades of wall paint or wallpaper design, or a similar sofa can set you back by several hundred if not thousands of dollars.

4 Smart Things To Keep In Mind When Redecorating Your Home

Going eclectic is the best thing you can do to avoid the expensive matching of things in traditional décor. Eclectic designs are chic, bohemian and very much you. Also, you can mix and match styles according to your tastes, and make a room that is fully customized to your preferences.

Eclectic designs do not concentrate on negative space and rather focus on colors, fabrics, materials, shapes and furniture that come together to create an edgy, distinct and high-impact décor.

It is not easy to pull off a fabulous eclectic décor. Ensure that you dedicate time and carefully pick what best suit the style you are looking for.

2. Get Your Decorating Plan Ready

A blueprint of your home decoration project is absolutely necessary if you want to finish the work on time and within budget. A spreadsheet on your laptop should contain all pertinent details regarding the project.

Details regarding all work to be done, things to be purchased and the estimated budget for each, intended place of purchase, and the tentative dates for completing the work should be entered in the spreadsheet. You should keep updating the spreadsheet as and when you advance with the work.

4 Smart Things To Keep In Mind When Redecorating Your Home

Dates of completion, the items bought and the money spent, a tally of what you had budgeted and how much you have spent, and the effect on the bottom line all need to be recorded. This will help you keep a track on your spending and progress of work.

3. Splurge on Important Stuff

The quality of life you have in your home depends to a large extent on the conveniences and comforts your home provides.

Little things like ventilation of rooms, accessibility of storage spaces, level of comfort offered by your bed, softness of plush carpeting beneath your feet or super-convenient nature of your kitchen layout all make a massive contribution towards improving your enjoyment of your home.

4 Smart Things To Keep In Mind When Redecorating Your Home

So make it a point to not cut corners when buying important items because they are long-lasting, high-impact and prominent décor items. Interior decorators advise to spend on things that you will use every day or will hold their value over time, are not easy to change (e.g. flooring), or will add value to your home (e.g. custom kitchen cabinets) .Buy quality mattresses because they help improve your sleep, invest in quality art pieces that are more than just accessories, and choose furniture that have timeless appeal in order to avoid having to buy new stuff when yours gets outdated. Also keep an eye out for flash sales, online offers and freebies that big brands dole out mid-season. It will be great if you can sign up for sale alerts on major sites to not miss a good deal.

Spending on the right stuff is as important as staying within budget.

4. Be Ready for Unexpected Expenses

Always factor in unexpected expenses because many a time things do not go as planned. You may need to call in professionals to help complete a DIY project or you may realize that your favorite wallpaper is not available anymore and you have to go for a more expensive option.

4 Smart Things To Keep In Mind When Redecorating Your Home

Keep aside 10%-15% of your budget for unforeseen expenses that will help you tide over surprises.

Stay away from impulsive purchases and manage freight and shipping expenses. Also, ensure that you have enough funds for supplies if you are keen on DIY.


You may be getting back on the decorating scene after a long time or this may be your first home project. Whatever it may be, it is important that you plan well and proceed with the work in a systematic fashion. Adhering to your plan and staying within budget will help you have a successful and satisfactory time decorating your home.

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