Think back to your very first apartment. Did you have a lot of hand-me-downs?

That’s how we all start out with our very first place. We bring a chair and a dresser with us from mom and dad’s, “splurge” on a worn out couch from the garage sale down the road. The rooms in our home become a hodgepodge of mismatched pieces that work for us at the time.

But then we grow. We change. We start making more money. We start caring a little more about the image our homes create.

And that’s when we start asking the question: What does our furniture really say about who we are?

Like your clothes, your furniture is an extension of the personality you bring to this world. A home filled with antiques may say one thing, while a contemporary, more modern style will say something else.

But what about the “first apartment” look? Eventually, that has to go. And you shouldn’t just replace it with a conglomerate of pieces, whatever happens, to be available today. High-quality furniture will not only bring more personality into your home, but it will be an investment you can live with for years, even decades to come.

Many people assume that when it comes time to invest in high-quality furniture, you need to do so all at once. If you are redecorating your living room, for instance, you should replace every piece at the same time.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Instead, think small. Investing in too many pieces at once can confuse you and lead to impulse decisions. Thinking small allows you to focus in on finding the perfect piece. Oce that will not only give you years of pleasure, but will also be a piece you hand down to the next generation.

Yes, certain furniture pieces are worth your time, energy. and investment.

The Best Investment Furniture Pieces


How many sofas does the average home have? One for the living room, one for the family room. As your home size expands, you may bring other sofas into your home for a library, a playroom, or even a master bedroom retreat.

Sofas are the staple of your room decor. They set the stage for the rest of the room’s appearance. And as such, you should ensure your sofa makes a strong statement. No matter where you choose to place your sofa, you’ll spend a great deal of your time there, whether it’s relaxing or talking with friends and family. With all of that up and down action, it’s easy for wear and tear to build up quickly.

An inexpensive sofa will start showing the effects after just a few months. In some cases, a lower quality sofa may only last a few years. But if you select a more expensive, high-quality piece of furniture, it can last for decades.

Your sofa is your anchoring point. It’s the foundation for your design. If you select the right style, color, and shape, it will complement your home’s personality for a lifetime.

Dining Room Table

The family that eats together, stays together. And the dining room table is where all the magic happens. From small intimate gatherings where it’s just the two of you celebrating something special, to a full-blown party with every relative and friend you know in attendance, your dining room table is where the action is.

Select a less than perfect table, and you’ll deal with the repercussions immediately. The legs will wobble. Stains may form. Scratches and dents will occur with very little use. And instead of throwing on a tablecloth to add to the ambiance, you’ll be using it to hide the quality.

The dining room table takes a lot of use and abuse. It stands up to family dinners and more. It’s there when craft projects are strewn across, magic markers and glue in abundance. It’s there when you start a business, computers, and papers stacked up high. If only your dining room table could talk …

Like your sofa, the dining room table is one of the most used pieces of furniture you’ll own. And if you invest in a high-quality dining room table, not only will it withstand that abuse with strength and integrity, it will continue to look good for generations to come.


According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, the average person will spend approximately one-third of their total lifetime sleeping. That means about 26 years, or 227,468 hours of your life, will be spent in bed. That’s a lot of time to spend in a place that is anything less than the best.

Many things impact your sleep. Your age. Your lifestyle. Your caffeine habits. Your activity levels.

But it also comes down to the comfort factor of the surrounding area. Sure, we can all sleep in a sleeping bag on the hard ground, but will we get the highest quality sleep time possible?

Start by investing in a mattress that fits you; it can make a huge difference in your sleep quality. You’ll sleep sounder and be more refreshed every morning. Also, spend time making your bedroom into the perfect sanctuary; a place that welcomes you in at the end of your busy days. High-quality bedroom sets are built to last decades. They are built of solid wood or high-quality metals. No matter if you prefer the traditionalism of a poster bed, the contemporary style of a canopy, or something in between, your bed is the focal point of good design. And if you select wisely, you’ll have something that will last a lifetime.

So what is your style? Where are you starting from? No matter if you’re moving out on your own for the first time or finishing the build of your dream home, a few high-quality furniture pieces can be the difference between “hmm” and “WOW!” Don’t you deserve to have a place you love coming home to?

You can. We’ll show you how. Just stop by and have our design team help you select the perfect forever piece just for you.