If you’re going through the divorce process, you know that this is a very difficult time ahead, and it can cause a lot of stress on top of everyday life. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself during this time, especially if you’re a mom and you have children to take care of as well.


It’s very tempting during this stressful time to decide to just lay on your couch and watch countless hours of television or to find some other form of distraction. When dealing with the stress and the desire to escape, don’t forget to exercise. Not only does exercise boost your immune system, it’ll release endorphins which will help boost your mood. Also, you’ll reduce anxiety and stress and help improve your sleep. You may also feel some sense of accomplishment by be setting a goal and sticking to it. Exercise can also be a good distraction from your stress. You can customize your workout to match your needs and your schedule, while still allowing you to get the exercise you need.

Eat Well

Another thing you may be tempted to do as you go through this process is to skip meals or to eat unhealthy food. While it is okay to indulge in comfort food every once in a while, you will feel better about yourself if you make sure to keep a balanced diet with regular meals. You will find that you have more energy and are less distracted while working through things. Eating regularly will also help you focus on your well-being at regular intervals throughout the day.

Connect with Family and Friends

Now is the time to make sure you stay connected to your family and friends. Lean on them for support. When they offer to help, take those offers at face value and let them know what you need. Keeping everything to yourself is a good way to get overwhelmed and they won’t know what to do to help if you don’t say something. If there is something that you love to do with your friends, don’t give that up. Keeping up normal interactions will give you a stress relief and will help you keep a sense of normalcy in your life.

Join a Support Group

Going through a divorce upends everything in your life. As the Vendt Law Firm points out, not only does a divorce mean figuring out the practical division of your life and assets, but it is also emotionally draining and it can feel like you are adrift. The power of interaction with other people during a difficult time is huge. You need to learn how you can suppress your negative feelings and recover in a positive manner. Many people go through the same type of situation and it certainly helps to connect with others who know what you are going through. You will bond with others in your group and learn how to navigate your new life.

Divorce is a difficult thing and you will probably struggle to adjust to your new reality. But it is important that you remember to take care of yourself so you can take care of your children and deal with your new challenges. It’s hard, but it is a doable thing.

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