You can create promotional campaigns that feature special offers, discounts, coupons and flash sales. For these campaigns to be successful, you must reach out to your customers using multiple channels. Think about the types of devices and social media your customers are most likely to use, and you can be more effective in delivering your messages to them.

News Feeds

Several social media outlets and websites can feature your promotion. For example, Facebook’s newsfeed puts your offer in front of viewers for an extended period, depending on your budget. If cash is tight, you can host the landing page on your own website (see special offers in New Jersey for air conditioning). A newsfeed stays on the page longer than most posts, so you get a lot of exposure. Use this approach in conjunction with other types of outlets, and you can increase the impact of your message.

In-App Messaging

How To Maximize Promotion Campaigns

You can place your message inside of your mobile apps. They will show up when your customers click on your app. If you include a call to action, the user can learn more about your special offer with a single click. Use this method along with several other techniques at the same time, so you will be more likely to catch your prospective customers at the right time.


An email campaign allows you to deliver a more detailed message. You can easily add images, and you have room for lots of text. Avoid using too many images, because they can make your message slow to download. Some people save emails in their inboxes, and this can increase the lifespan of your message.

Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that appears on the screen of a mobile device, without the user having to be in your app.  It will appear on your customers’ screens instantly. This can be good for catching their attention, but it may annoy some, so use it sparingly. Prepare customers by asking them to opt-in to receive push messages. These are very short, so use them with other types of notifications to maximize exposure for your message.

Make sure you use all your channels in a way that they complement each other. A push message should be different from an email message, and newsfeed text should provide more detail. In-app messages can provide a different take on the offer you are promoting. When all of these approaches are used together, you are much more likely to attract customers.

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