For many people, a long term professional goal is to earn $100,000 per year. Unfortunately, a lot of these jobs seem to come with long hours and very stressful periods of time. While that may be a stigma for many six-figure jobs, there are still five careers that pay this well and don’t suck


5 Six-Figure Careers that Don't Suck

Another financially and emotionally rewarding career path is in the education field. In many public school districts across the country, teachers with 10 or more years of service report earning over $100,000 per year. Not only are these people paid well, but they also learn strong pensions and have a lot of time off each year. Furthermore, they are very involved in helping to develop young people, which can be emotionally satisfying.


5 Six-Figure Careers that Don't Suck

One six-figure job that definitely does not suck is in the healthcare field. There are a range of jobs that can pay up to, and above, $100,000 per year. Some of these include becoming a therapist, chiropractor, doctor, and administrator. Along with the high pay, these professionals also know that they are hoping to save lives, which can be an excellent additional reward.


While it can be a very hard industry to get into, those in the entertainment industry can do what they love and earn a sizable income. While the mega-famous entertainers can earn well over $10 million per year during their prime, those that are able to find a loyal and consistent following can still earn a sizable income and love what they do on a daily basis.

Software Developer

5 Six-Figure Careers that Don't Suck

A growing field that has high job satisfaction and pay are software developers. Software developers can either work on their own, or work for a large tech firms. These tech firms are notorious for providing strong work-life balance, high pay, and long-term compensation benefits.


5 Six-Figure Careers that Don't Suck

Ultimately, one of the jobs with the highest level of satisfaction is to be your own boss. While a lot of small businesses fail over time, those that are successful can earn a sizable income. Furthermore, once the business is established and you hire a responsible staff, you can have great work-life balance.

In conclusion, many people make it a professional goal to one day earn over $100,000 per year. While this is a strong professional goal, some consider the majority of these high-paying jobs to be very stressful and unsatisfying. However, there are actually five careers that both pay well and do not suck.

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