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How using old marketing techniques can still benefit your business

There is no doubt that marketing is a key aspect of your business. After all, you can have the best product or service in the world, but no one will buy it if they don’t know that you exist! Marketing gives you a way to connect with your customers and let them know that you are there. Not only that, but it also gives you the chance to explain what you offer and what makes your business unique.

Marketing is actually at an interesting point in its development, as digital marketing has risen to prominence. The increasingly digital world that we live in has meant that many businesses focus on this type of marketing now. However, if you only think about this aspect of marketing, then you are making a big mistake!

With all the buzz around SEO, ad campaigns and the like, more traditional forms of marketing have been somewhat forgotten. What makes this a bad move is that more of the public are responding better to these traditional methods. A 2016 report, for example, found that traditional print ads were most trusted by consumers.

Use old marketing techniques to connect with your customers

It seems that some consumers respond much more positively to the older forms of marketing, which is why you should still be using them. The more traditional ways seem to carry more trust with them and help you to engage with them in a more positive way.

Here are some old marketing techniques that still work today.

Visit a chalkboard store for signage

Your store front is one of the most effective areas of your business to market from. This is the most visible piece of your store to passing consumers and the one place that you can tell them about yourself. If you do this in the right way, then you will greatly enhance your brand image and footfall from passing trade. Chalkboards are a great way to do this as they are eye-catching and not too expensive. Grab a chalkboard and some chalk from a chalkboard store and get creative! Many consumers like to see some humor or personality on your signage, so try to include this as well as the relevant details of what you have on offer.


Another great old-fashioned marketing tactic that still works is getting out and handing flyers to people, advertising your store or services. This is great as it helps anyone that you speak to remember you much more than an email that they will instantly forget. It also helps you to build a personal connection with the public that they will respond to much better.

Leaflet drops

In the same vein as handing out flyers is posting leaflets through the doors of local residents to advertise what you do. While this will not usually involve direct contact with them, it is still effective in letting people know who you are and what you do. This more traditional form of print advertising seems to carry more trust with people than getting an email from your business.

Open days

Why not have an open day when the public can come and meet you? For a café, it may be a day when people can drop in for a free drink and some cake, whereas a recruitment agency could let people come and see what they have to offer. Whatever your business, letting the public into your company is a great way to connect with them for the future.


This is one of the oldest marketing ploys out there but is still effective in 2018. It will naturally cost a little but will see a good return on any investment. If you want to keep costs down, then choose something cheap such as a pen or keyring with your company name on. Give them out when people buy from you or around town and it will help to get your name out there.

Word of mouth

Another great traditional way to market your business is by good old-fashioned word of mouth. Offer the best service that you can and encourage people to tell their friends about you. This will soon see your brand image out there with a greater number of people and business start to boom. This type of marketing probably carries the most trust as it is not actually you doing it!

The old ways still work

As you can see from the above, there are many old marketing tactics that still work brilliantly today. Though it is best to mix them with digital marketing methods to cover all areas, they should not be forgotten about altogether. By using some of the above tips, you will soon see a greater brand image for your business and more customers as a result.

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