In 2003 during a major expansion of the brand, Ray-Ban got down with the kids and began a sunglasses line for children. This consisted of a collection exclusively for children of 8-12 years of age. The junior line focused on providing a cool, stylish look whilst maintaining maximum eye protection. Styles consisted of the most popular frames that are available in the adult collection such as aviators, wayfarers and semi rimless frames. In 2005 this range expanded further to include models made from titanium, resulting in hypo-allergenic frames that are lightweight yet sturdy- suitable and durable for children!

The philosophy behind the Ray-Ban junior line was outlined by Vittorio Verdun, the director of marketing of the Luxottica Group. She discussed the key influences of the junior line as they obtain “both the core elements of high-quality and style found in our renowned adult Ray-Ban collection and the key legendary values of the Ray-Ban brand.”

As well as kitting their children out with a stylish, iconic pair of Ray-Ban shades most parents will not realise that sunglasses are as much a health benefit as a fashion accessory. It has been said that sunglasses are just as important as sun cream and sunhats as up to half of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation can occur by the age of 18. Therefore, it can never be too early for kids to wear a set of good quality sunglasses. With Ray-Ban’s junior line featuring lenses with 100% protection against UV rays- look no further.

The ‘My first Ray-Ban Junior’ advert was shot in St Tropez and shows a little boy on the beach wearing his first pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The shot shows him smiling with his thumbs up, wearing a surf shirt. The surf shirt hints at the prospect of UV protection enhancing the idea that Ray-Ban sunglasses are protecting his eyes against UV rays. His smiley face and thumbs up indicates that he is more than happy with his first pair of Ray-Bans shades.

With the chance to rock the same shades as movie stars such as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Will Smith in The Men in Black, what child wouldn’t want a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses? Or maybe they just want to be a mini me and look like their mum, dad or elder siblings. Anything is possible with the lines’ recreation of the brand’s most popular styles available in child sizes with child friendly colours and features.  A perfect example of this occurred with famous mother and daughter Victoria and Harper Beckham as they both rocked Ray-Ban shades whilst leaving LA.

Much like a child wanting the same shades as their parents, the Ray-Ban ‘mini me’s’ remain faithful to its ‘parent’ in both standard and design. As Vittoro Verdun pointed out, the “launch of this fun and exciting collection” allowed the eyewear manufacturer to branch out to the next generation as it provides Ray-Ban “with an opportunity to reach the fast-growing junior segment of the consumer market. In addition, it allows us to introduce the brand to the next generation.”

We all know that in today’s present society that being on trend is important to children. They don’t just want the most popular trends they ‘need’ the latest must haves whether it be clothes, games consoles or bikes. Imagine the level of publicity when the Beckham kids were spotted outside wearing Ray-Ban Junior Sunglasses. Ray-Ban shades would have shot to the top of every child’s birthday or Christmas list.

The success of the Ray-Ban junior line proves that the longstanding brand appeals to many different generations and illustrates how the brand is ever evolving. Ray-Ban junior caters for both children who want to look as cool as the big kids and movie stars, and also for parents who want quality eyewear.

If Ray-Bans are good enough for the Beckham children, are they good enough for your own?

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