If you are thinking of moving abroad with your family, then the education that you choose for them is vitally important. Of course, this can be tricky when moving to a foreign country with a totally different education system or set of priorities.

This is where international schools come in. In 2017, there were reportedly 8,000 international schools worldwide that taught over 4 million students. This was an increase on previous years, and the figures going forward look set to rise even higher as demand grows. Their sheer popularity with both local and expat families shows that they offer something different to local schools and are an excellent choice for your children.

Why are international schools vital for education? 

Originally, international schools were set up to provide a standardized level of quality education across the globe for expat families. This still remains the case today, although now they are also open to local families. Here’s why they remain so key in the global educational picture:

  • Provide globally recognized qualifications – Most international schools will offer qualifications like the International Baccalaureate that are accepted by universities and employers worldwide. This means that international schools are key in helping to prepare their pupils to enter the business world in the future.
  • Personal development – The best international schools put as much effort into developing their students as people as they do academically. This means that they are great at turning out well-rounded individuals who are more tolerant and caring of other cultures and nationalities.
  • Nurturing environment – For expat children, international schools provide a secure and comfortable place to learn. This allows them to perform to their best ability and settle happily into their new life abroad. Local schools can sometimes be too much of a culture shock and leave them feeling isolated or unhappy.
  • Healthy habits for life – Most international schools place great emphasis on sports, which is great for ingraining healthy life habits into your children. It will also help them develop as people and gain more confidence along with leadership skills. This type of extracurricular education can be vital as they make their way through life.

Asia is seeing a real boom in international schooling 

Although there are many popular international schools across the globe, Asia is one place where they are booming. This may be because there are more expats heading there now, but it’s also because the international schools in Asia give a gentler way to ease into a totally new culture. International schooling in Hong Kong is one place where this is happening as expat families see what great benefits it offers.

International schools are key educational institutions

Whether you choose them for the high quality of education given, the nurturing environment or the chance for your child to mix with a wide variety of cultures, international schools play a key role in global education. This is only likely to increase in the future as more people begin to see how amazing they are.

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