None of us feel beautiful, confident and content all of the time. Even those among us who are traditionally beautiful or seem to “have it all” sometimes struggle with self-confidence. If you want to ditch feelings of inadequacy and replace them with a feeling of confidence, then follow these five tips for feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Remember That No One’s Really Watching

Most of us lack confidence because we feel like the people who surround us are constantly surveying us and critiquing what they see. It’s true that there are some toxic people who waste too much time judging others. For the most part, however, most people are too wrapped up in their own problems to even notice the people around them. Remind yourself that you’re not being scrutinized that harshly.

Accept What is Out of Your Control

Maybe you have a big forehead. Maybe you have a terrible singing voice. Perhaps you hate high heels and know that you’ll never be able to make them a regular part of your wardrobe. We all have our little weaknesses and shortcomings. Stop focusing on them and instead focus on your positive attributes.

Take the Media with a Grain of Salt

You’re always going to be bombarded with images of rich, beautiful people. Instead of obsessing about how you compare to these images, take them with a grain of salt and remember that very few people actually have lives that resemble the ones we see on TV.

Practice Self-Care

When you treat yourself well, you feel better. Take care of yourself, and you’ll be better at taking care of others. For some people, this means a weekly spa ritual. For others, it simply means a mental health day where they do nothing and simply unwind. One of the most important parts of self-care, regardless of who you are, is self-compassion. Whatever self-care means for you, incorporate it into your life.

Know When to Seek Treatment

There are some things that you can’t control about yourself, but there are some things that you can work on or seek treatment for. Just because something occurs naturally doesn’t mean you have to live with it. If you are sick, you go to the doctor, so don’t be afraid to seek treatment to help yourself improve. If you have a condition like varicose veins that cause you a lot of pain, it would be beneficial to seek treatment to reduce and remove them. Continuing to live in pain does not one any good, and it can actually undermine your confidence.

Confidence is a journey and doesn’t happen all at once. However, if you make these tips a part of your daily life, you’ll start to feel a greater sense of confidence and comfort with yourself over time.

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