With a number of brand new shows and several returning favorites, this fall season in television looks like it will be one to keep viewers glued to their screens. The major networks have picked up new shows that include a number of spin offs and reboots. This fall’s prime time slots will also include returning shows now considered to be must see television. These are the five shows you will want to watch this fall.


Saving the human race, paranormal activity and secret organizations do not sound like a recipe for comedy. But that’s exactly how Fox describes its new half hour show set to air this fall. Craig Robinson and Adam Scott star as paranormal investigators with starkly opposing views on the same mission to discover the source of unexplained phenomena in Los Angeles.

The X-Files

This original 1990s sensation came back last year to rave reviews. This fall, Fox is once again giving fans what they want with another ten episode run of the series. Starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, federal paranormal investigators, this science fiction mystery is sure to have you hanging on to the edge of your seat.

Young Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory is now on its tenth season. The character of Sheldon Cooper, a quirky theoretical physicist, immediately captured the attention of audiences with his bizarre behavior and odd antics. Young Sheldon is a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. Fans can now get a view into the childhood of the eccentric Sheldon. The show will air on CBS this fall.

The Mayor

The Mayor is a brand new situation comedy premiering this fall. A struggling rapper conceives the ultimate publicity stunt when he runs for mayor of his small town. Much to his regret, he wins the election. Hilarity ensues as he learns the ropes of running a city. The cast includes newcomers, like star Brandon Micheal Hall, as well as familiar faces, like Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown and Glee star Lea Michele.


Returning for the seventh and final season is Scandal. Creator, Shonda Rhimes, promises this final season will be one worth watching. The actors and writers are pulling out all the stops to be sure fans leave the series completely satisfied with the ending. You will not want to miss this top rated ABC drama.

With so many excellent shows coming up this fall, there has never been a better time to begin a new series or catch up on one of your favorites. Whether you watch from the couch or are a truck driver with a satellite TV in your truck, you can’t afford to miss out on fall shows.

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