The mermaid gown is a style that’s here to stay. It’s named after the sirens of fairy tales and age old myths for a reason: it just looks magical. The mermaid gown does this by celebrating your God-given female form, hugging every curve and dip perfectly then flourishing in a dramatic flair by the feet. Be sure to pack on some confidence when you strut in this body-hugging choice as this classic will put your silhouette on centre stage.

Want the Mermaid Gown for yourself? Well, here are 5 stunning ways you can rock it!

1. Go Red

If you want the mystery, the glitz and glamour, the Hollywood, then go for red. Go all out, grab attention and tell it to world, YOU WANT IT ALL—without even having to say a word. This decadent fully sequined red gown dips both at the front and back but balances out with its mermaid train hitting the floor. Choose the perfect shade of red for you from this selection of red mermaid gowns. 

Pro Tip! Stretchy fabrics and slits are your friends especially for mermaid gowns. Don’t choose stiff fabrics especially if you’re planning to dance. Although all mermaid dresses will be restraining to some degree because it hugs your hips, don’t make matters worse by choose fabrics like chiffon or organza. Your cloth choice determines how much leg movement you can have. You don’t want to ruin your poise with an awkward gait.

2. Go Lace

Mermaid gowns are sexy, but they get even sexier in lace. This black lace mermaid gown is achieving all levels of sexy, drama and mystery. It’s best to get a gown that already comes with a nude lining or bodysuit so it can all look seamless. White lace mermaid gowns are also the perfect wedding dresses.

Pro Tip! If you don’t want it to be bridal at all, choose lace in bright colors or accessorize in anything but neutrals. Because lace seems to be a stable trend, then better read on the 5 tips on how to wear a lace dress.

3. Go Minimalist on Accessories

It’s all about the balance. This dusty pink mermaid gown accomplishes that with its very simple accessory choice: a matching choker and silver statement earrings. It’s important to note that the Mermaid Gown makes a statement in itself because of how much attention it draws to the shape of your womanly curves.

Pro Tip! Choose your accessories well. You shouldn’t detract from that attention with the wrong accessories. Stay classy with just a little here and there. Choose a choker, statement earrings or a bejewelled necklace. Be careful not to overwhelm. The focal point of this ensemble should be your fabulous dress fitting like a glove.

4. Go Neutral

The dress is loud enough, the killer curves of your body is loud enough—so turning the volume down on the colour of your dress itself can make it just right. A neutral tone as seen in this chocolate brown mermaid gown, with its jersey slinky fabric with just the right sheen will accentuate your shape and let it speak for itself.

Pro tip! When buying the perfect mermaid dress for you, don’t size up or down. Right or wrong measurements will make or break this dress. When buying online, know your measurements and always check out the size guide.

5. Off Shoulder

The off shoulder trend resurgence has made it onto mermaid dresses. This beautiful white mermaid dress gets sexy and innocent down pat. Just make sure to wear the right underwear.

Pro tip! For the look above, it’s essential to wear a good strapless bra as the dress doesn’t come with padding. Having trouble with strapless bras? Can’t seem to keep them up? Here’s a strapless bra troubleshoot. You may also choose to wear nipple tape and nipple covers as one should with the other mermaid gowns. Don’t forget to choose seamless underwear, because that could definitely ruin the look. With mermaid gowns, it’s in your best bet to choose underwear that won’t leave lines.

Have a look in mind that’s perfect for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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