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Give Your Home a Facelift With These Modern Decor Tips

No home can withstand the aging process; once kids, pets, and wear and tear take their toll, it’s tough to keep your home in tip top shape. If your home is starting to feel old and weary, it might be time to give it a facelift with a few decor tips that will have it looking like a fresh-faced teen again.  


  1. Keep it Simple

The true, modern design look has become a clutter-free, minimalistic style. Designers are embracing the simplistic appeal of clean lines and functionality when it comes to decor. To give your home the same look, your first step should be to evaluate what you currently have and what purpose it serves. This can be applied to every piece of furniture, appliance, and knick knack in your home. Do you really need that panini grill, or the cabinet full of your mother’s creepy figurines? Everything that doesn’t need to be there or that can be tucked away, should be. You’ll find each room suddenly has a lot more breathing room, and you’re not weighed down by the clutter.


  1. Create a Color Scheme

The simple, modern look doesn’t mean your home has to be lifeless. in fact, you can set the energy and tone in your home simply with the right color scheme. Plus, repainting the walls is a much more affordable option than replacing everything! There are many ways you can paint your walls to tell different stories: do you want each room to tie together with subtle, pale walls and colorful furniture? Or do you want each room painted a color that sets the energy, like a happy yellow for the kitchen and a relaxing blue for the living room? This is an easy and quick way you can revamp your home, with nothing more than a paintbrush and some coveralls!


  1. Bring in the Light

A quick tip that tons of restaurants and stores use to make rooms look bigger and brighter is to hang a lot of mirrors. This can be especially useful if you have small spaces or windows, and it’s a trick that will really brighten up a home. The trick is to place the mirrors in places where they can reflect natural light, such as across from windows. The light will bounce around the room, tricking the eye and appearing bigger and more spacious.


  1. Go Green

What’s more modern than being green? A great way to give your home a much-needed facelift is to update certain aspects of your home by making them energy efficient and environmentally friendly. An easy (and cost-effective) way to do this is by updating your window treatments. You could be spending way more on energy than you need to simply because of old blinds: up to 50% of your home’s energy could be escaping through your windows. The fix? Insulating blinds with a cellular structure that traps air within the blind to create insulation. Plus, you can get these nifty blinds in stylish looks that modernize your entire home. Win-win.


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