The world of social media is gradually getting larger. Its overwhelming popularity has opened up a new and great platform for bloggers, e-commerce, influencers, etc. Thus, it’s not a wonder that a lot of companies are attempting to create the next big social media site.

If you’re one of those who are planning to create your own social media site, you must first check who will have access to it, what services they can enjoy, etc. It’s important that your site offers something new– something that people can see on existing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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To begin, you need to consider a lot of factors; one of which is your chosen web hosting provider. Why?

It will help determine the Speed of your Site

Most people want to visit a website that they can navigate quickly. This enables them to communicate with other people in real time through the different communication features of a site, be it through private messages or public forums.

An Amazon internal study found out that an increase of 100ms in a page loading time immediately would lead to a 1% drop in sales.

If you are getting tired of continuously experiencing the slow performance of your site because of your hosting provider, the best solution that you have is to open your search engine and search for reliable feedbacks where the speed tests are included.

It will establish the stability of your Site

Most people stick with Facebook or Twitter because these sites are always accessible and are highly stable. For each second that your site is offline, you will be losing sales. There might be times that your site will be unavailable or out of action. This is called a downtime, and it is a serious issue that you must learn to address.

The reasons that downtimes happen are:

  • Network devices’ failure
  • System administrator’s lack of consistent management or supervision
  • Power blackout or outage
  • Poorly applied changes in organization or setting
  • DDoS attacks

In order to avoid this terrifying situation and continue meeting your users’ expectations, you need to find a web host that can offer an assurance of a high rate of up time. However, you must be clever enough to do a thorough research to check the reliability of the web hosting.

It Affects the Security of your Site

Security is main concern of all social media site users. They will need to have a valid assurance that all essential information be kept hidden from the public. Your web hosting service has a big responsibility to make your social media site secure because it is always the target of unwanted attacks.

It will Serve as your Support

If your site is always available, then users can have the freedom to leave feedbacks, or send concerns, or have requests that would come in at any time. These needs to be acknowledged and addressed. Your web host will play a big role in giving your site support when you need it.

It Influences the Site’s Scalability

You should have a general goal for your social media site. Your goal can start out small as you can’t expect to directly compete against big and popular sites out there.  However, as time will go by and given you use appropriate techniques, you will still be able to observe an increase in the number of your site’s members. A good web host will supply you with a wide choice of plans as well as the resources that you will need. It will help your site perform smoothly.


You need to seek a web host that you can trust. Take time to think about which one you’ll purchase as it will be the foundation of your site and changing it later on will definitely be difficult. If ever you are experiencing a hard time in looking for one, there is a host that offers promo code.

Always remember that a great host will provide you help in order to develop your site to its full potential.

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