Having an emergency fund is necessary because some situations come up without giving you any warning at all. The following are five emergencies that will make you glad that you did save those funds:

Sudden Illness

You can be the healthiest person in the world, but even super-fit people have unexpected illnesses. An emergency fund is perfect for those times when you have to take a few days or weeks from work. It’s smart to have enough in your fund to cover you for at least a month or two of work in case the illness or injury is severe. If you can get six months’ worth of funding into the account, that’s even better.

Bail Bonds and Legal Issues

5 Emergencies That Will Make You Glad You Had An Emergency Fund

A legal issue may come about that you have to dig into your secret account to handle. The legal issue may be from a traffic ticket for yourself, a custody hearing, a divorce or something similar. You may also have a friend or family member ask you for help with a bail bond or legal issue. With a savings account, you can easily give that person the assistance that he or she needs.

Car Accident

5 Emergencies That Will Make You Glad You Had An Emergency Fund

A car accident is one of the most brutal and unexpected incidents that may affect you and your loved ones. You never know when another driver is going to doing something unexpected, and you are going to be left with auto repairs and medical bills because of it. You can always file a claim with your insurance company or contact an attorney for personal injury, but the emergency funds can cover bills that such settlements don’t cover and that time that you have to wait for your settlement.

Home Repair

5 Emergencies That Will Make You Glad You Had An Emergency Fund

Home repairs can be a nuisance when they pop up. They can affect the way your family functions, and they can cause your visitors to leave and not want to return. Your emergency fund can help you with the expenses that you will need for household problems such as water heater failures, plumbing issues and the like.

General Discrepancy

General discrepancies are random mistakes that happen with employer payments, banking, utility companies and the like. Sometimes discrepancies occur that aren’t your fault, but you still may have to come up with the funds to cover them. That’s much easier if you have a savings blanket.

Now you know of at least five reasons to start saving your emergency fund today. You can never save “too little.” You can start with a dollar if that’s all you have. It’ll add up. Just makes sure that you start as quickly as possible.


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