Englishmen can hardly be called fashion setters. In the past, they were strongly guided by French, Italian and Spanish fashion trends, taking some ideas completely, or transforming other ideas in their own way.

However, what the British always had enough is the traditional quality and thoroughness, thanks to which many brands have entered the world market. England always represents classic and refined simplicity. Here you will not find French pomposity or Spanish diversity. Brands born in the lands of the Foggy Albion are distinguished by restraint and charming modesty. It is believed that the setter of the pure “English style“, (guided not by other European trends), is Queen Victoria. Thanks to her, the aristocrats gradually began to give up luxurious decorations and pompous outfits, simplicity and modesty came to the forefront. Even for her own wedding, the queen wore a light white dress without unnecessary details, which greatly surprised and inspired the noble ladies, because, before that, the wedding dresses were exceptionally colored and sewed from heavy materials.

We can say with certainty that clothes and shoes that are produced in the UK are distinguished by their elegance, practicality, convenience, restrained silhouette and, of course, excellent quality. If you are going to look for best garments in the capital of Great Britain, rent a car in London Airport Heathrow and take pleasure in comfort!

The most popular fashion houses in England are known and recognized throughout the world, and most of the English brands are in the lists of the best, that is why here are some of them.


This is one of the most famous British luxury brands with a rich history. It was founded by a young Englishman Thomas Burberry, in 1856, in Hampshire. At first, the company produced only outerwear and was already popular thanks to it. During World War I, the company produced officer’s overcoats, called ‘trench coats’, which are popular all over the world for over a century and a half. Trench coats today are popular among both men and women, and they are combined with both rough footwear and elegant court shoes. Precisely Thomas Burberry, in the 1880s, discovered the properties of gabardine tissue, which were unknown at that time. In the 1950s, the company turned into a famous English brand, which at the same time, became the official supplier of clothing for Queen Elizabeth II, and then for the entire court.

A distinctive feature of Burberry is the checkered print that accompanies the brand throughout its history.

Most Popular British Fashion Brands

It appeared initially as a pattern for outerwear lining cloth, and was associated with warmth and comfort. Over time, the fans of the brand had developed their liking for the check, so it moved to the front of many Burberry garments, (slightly modified and with new color variations).

Today, Burberry is represented in three main areas: ‘Prorsum’, which produces exclusively luxury collections of clothing and accessories; ‘London’, a modern classic, represented by laconic and stylish garments that are suitable for almost everyone, and ‘Brit’ – a more bold and youthful direction.

Alexander McQueen

This is the most famous British fashion house, which specializes in the production of clothing, footwear and accessories for the luxury segment of the market. The first collection of a young and unknown designer was presented to the world as a graduation paper, which was noticed by an authoritative fashionable editor.

Since then, the life of a talented designer has changed significantly: just a year later he founded his own brand name, after which a series of shocking and impressive fashion shows begins. On account of these shows, the fashion designer was called the “hooligan of English fashion”. However, each of his provocations carried not only a depth of meaning, but also serious social matters due for airing. McQueen represented his first collection in 1994 at the London Fashion Week. Its keynote was the problem of violence against women. Despite the ambiguous attitude towards the designer, he was four times recognized as the best British fashion designer and awarded the Order of the British Empire.

After the death of the designer in 2010, the second self of McQueen – Sarah Burton, took the post of creative director of the company. Under her leadership, the brand’s clothing has become more restrained and today it is considered the best example of British elegance – even Kate Middleton is giving preference to the clothes of this brand.

Stella McCartney

The daughter of the famous British singer, member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Stella, began to take an interest in fashion at the age of 13. Then she created her first jacket. Three years later, the girl became the intern of the French fashion designer Christian Lacroix, and at the age of 26, succeeded Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director of the French brand Chloé. This decision was ambiguously perceived by the world of fashion, but, with Stella, the company achieved commercial success, and the approval of critics. Later, she received the ‘Designer of the Year’ award and sewed a wedding dress to Madonna for her marriage to Guy Ritchie.

Stella McCartney is a vegetarian and an ardent animal rights fighter. Creating her collections, she uses neither fur nor leather.

Most Popular British Fashion Brands

Vivienne Westwood

Despite the fact that Vivienne Westwood is already 74 years old, she continues to amaze the public with both bold collections and her own eccentric image. The history of the brand, which is now famous around the world, began with a dare given to the public by a young British woman from Cheshire. Together with the civil husband Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols) she opened a store in London, which became the birthplace of punk parties in England. Indecent inscriptions, banned music records, accessories in the style of BDSM – this is what a rebellious youth needed. Clothes created by Vivienne, enjoyed a crazy popularity: torn shirts and shoes on the rough soles – Westwood became a punk style setter in fashion.

Most Popular British Fashion Brands

Over time, Westwood decided to conquer a high fashion, presenting the world with the label Vivienne Westwood. Later, her contribution to the fashion industry was three times evaluated by the award of the best British fashion designer and the Order of the British Empire.

Victoria Beckham

Not many people today manage to be successful in all their hypostases. Victoria Beckham is a well-known singer in the past, and in the present, she is a caring mother of four children, the loving wife of one of the sexiest men on the planet and a successful British designer.

Even before the creation of her own clothing line, Victoria Beckham was invariably recognized as an icon of style. Subsequently, noting Victoria’s impeccable taste, ‘Rock & Republic’ invited her to create a collection of jeans. Later, Victoria decided to create clothes under her own brand. Originally it was a label dVb Style (David and Victoria Beckham Style), later renamed Victoria Beckham. The world of fashion was skeptical about the decision of a socialite to become a designer, but soon Beckham managed to win the recognition of fashion critics.

Today, Victoria represents her collections at the New York Fashion Week, but despite this, she is considered a British designer, as the brand’s clothing is created in London.

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