Indoors gardening is a challenge for many people. Whatever you do, you cannot keep your leafy friends alive for a long time. The problem is that even if you think that you are doing the best for your greenery, in reality you may be causing more harm. Not all people have a green thumb, but you can avoid the most common mistakes indoors gardeners make. Here are a couple of things you may be doing wrong.

5 Ways In Which You Are Treating Badly Your House Plants

1. Watering

There are two possible cases. You are either drowning or drying your greenery. If you are one of those who water their house plants once in a month, be sure that your indoor jungle won’t last. Create a watering schedule and try to stick to it. The frequency and the amount of water depend on the lightening and the type of greenery you have. If you have difficulties deciding how much watering your plants need during the day, look online or consult with gardening professionals.
Checking the soil is another practical way to see if your plant needs more water. Stick your finger in the soil. If the first couple of centimetres feel dry, then the greenery needs more watering. If your finger comes out with a little water on it, you are OK for now. It’s not advisable to water the greenery while the sun is shining.

2. Humidity

Don’t confuse humidity with watering. While the roots and stems of your greenery receive enough moist, the same doesn’t apply for the leaves. The exterior parts of your plants can also make use of sprits or two of water.

3. Lightening

Light exposure is one of the most important aspects of indoors gardening. Check the tag of your plant when you buy it or ask with the gardening experts at the plant store. There are three types of greenery depending on their light preferences – full sun, partial and shade. In the first case, you need unfiltered and unblocked southern or western light. If your place is facing north or east, stick with the greenery that requires less light. In general, if the light is bright enough to read a book without the artificial lightening on, your plant is good to go.

4. Drainage

The holes at the bottom of your pots are not enough to ensure an adequate drainage. In addition, you will need a drainage material or actual rocks. It’s worth investing in ceramic pots that conserve the moisture in the soil for a longer period.

5. Shock

You cannot re – arrange your plants, in the same way as you can do with furniture. Plants prefer to have a constant position and may have hard times adjusting to the new location. Try to select a spot with similar conditions to reduce the chances of shock.
Hopefully, now as you know the major indoor gardening mistakes, you can avoid the pitfalls and take proper care of your greenery.

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