Natural alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy or hot tub therapy do not claim to cure serious diseases such as cancer, however they can help the body to restore itself and therefore help it fight the cancer or other disease more effectively. We caught up with to find out a little more!


Hydrotherapy Can Increase Leukocyte

The theory behind this form of treatment is that it can increase the amount of leukocytes and neutrophils (white blood cells) in the blood mobilising the body’s defence system. It also has the added benefit of greater oxygenation which is a necessary part of healing.

Increased amounts of oxygen in the body are a positive step against diseases such as cancer which do not thrive in such environments, and add to this the fact that many types of cancer cells are much more sensitive to heat than normal cells and it’s not surprising that some cancer sufferers are trying out this form of treatment with regular use of hot tubs.

Increase & Maintain Your Temperature

For it to work effectively it is necessary to heat the water to a temperature which will increase the bodies own temperature and to try and maintain this increase in heat even after the person has climbed out of the hot tub. Do this by heating the bed with an electric blanket and after quickly drying, climb into bed and use bed covers and additional blankets to keep the heat in. Stay in the warm bed for at least 15-20 minutes, then begin to slowly remove the blankets one by one to gradually bring the bodies temperature down to a normal level. It is recommended that a shower is taken afterwards and the next few hours are spent relaxing.

Other methods can also be used to increase the amount of oxygen in the cells such as the Budwig Diet which was developed many years ago by Dr Johanna Budwig and consists of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese to reduce or even destroy cancer tumours.

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