College is a wonderful place for learning and the whole experience will be much less fun without a car. However, students are younger individuals and they pose higher risks compared to adult. Young people are high-risk takers and they should do the right thing to keep their rates affordable. Here are things they should do to reduce car insurance rates:

  1. Perform well in education: It is clear that students often drive rashly. Their decision-making process is often influenced by emotional factors and peer pressure. This situation becomes worse with the fact that students are less experienced drivers than adults. Students are known for being impulsive and easily distracted. By performing well in education, students are able to show that they are responsible enough. In this situation, the insurance company should be able to offer discounts for their car insurance policy. Students who have good grades are likely careful drivers.
  2. Carpool: If students drive less, they will get lower premium. Each insurance company defines whether someone is a frequent driver or not. Often, we will get reduced premiums if we drive no more than 10,000 miles each year. Driving less means students spend less time behind the wheel. One of the most effective ways is to carpool and students will also be able to save fuel costs.
  3. Install anti-theft devices and additional airbags: Students often own low-end cars with minimal safety and security devices. Any added security and safety measure will decrease the likelihood of it being severely damaged or stolen. Car alarms and air bags are great way to allow ourselves drive safer. It also means that we will be able to save more of our precious dollars.
  4. Perform regular maintenance: Cars are mechanical and electrical objects. It means that malfunctions will happen after a period of continuous usages. Well-maintained cars are safer and won’t break easily. This will allow us to significantly reduce mileage.
  5. Buy relatively new second-hand car: Relatively new second-hand cars are the sweet spot that we need to seek. These cars should be older than two years, but no more than five years. They have lost plenty of the original value, but much of the parts don’t have to be replaced in near future. Students can buy huge SUV later in life when they have established themselves as good drivers. If they have just starting out, it is better to drive used cars. Studies show that used cars have lower possibility of being stolen. It the car is still relatively new, it won’t break down so soon. Another thing that we should consider is to purchase a car with smaller engine. It will run slower and easier to control, making it less likely for students to get involved in an accident.

It should be quite easy for us to ensure lower car insurance costs. It only takes good habit and common sense to ensure that we will be able to impress the insurance company.

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