So you’ve had your business site for quite some time and you’re thinking of hiring a digital marketing expert to help further enhance your reach in the online market. The problem is, you are clueless about digital marketing so you don’t really know what to expect when you’re interviewing the first applicant that sends you their resume.

You may not even an SEO guy yet to help guide you in selecting the right candidate. Don’t worry as this article will discuss the things a digital marketing expert can do for your business. It helps to know what they are so that you only have the best candidates on your shortlist.

Online marketing can get too technical giving experts an upper hand at dictating what price to charge you for their services. Knowing what they can do for you helps you understand how much you should be paying and where your money is going.

  1. They find out what isn’t working

A digital marketing expert shouldn’t just be handing you a set of strategies that you can implement on your site right away. Take this as a sign that they’re not good enough because you’re handing you the same thing they do to their other clients.

Your business is different and with it comes unique needs. The right guy will begin by auditing your site first to see what is wrong. It could be that your coding is all messed up, or your page is too slow. Maybe there are too many high risk links in your backlink profile or that your business is lacking social media presence.

Once he’s able to determine what’s wrong with your site will he then provide you with a set of solutions that you can implement. Any competent digital marketing expert should start at this point and not provide you with a fixed set of strategies.

  1. They increase your web search ranking

Higher search rankings are a result of an effective digital marketing campaign. A good digital marketing expert should be able to execute the set of strategies they have just recommended.

If it’s not them, they’ll find or have you find someone who can perform these whether it’s a developer, a copywriter, or a link broker. It will depend on which parts of your site need to be fixed.

A reputable company will have no problems getting the right person do the job for your digital marketing expert whatever issue it may be whether it’s finding ways to check the quality of a link or fixing your site map.

  1. They don’t overpromise and they don’t stop after six months

If it’s only been two months and you still don’t see results, don’t fret. It takes a minimum of six months to start seeing the results of your marketer’s efforts.

Don’t be that company that fired the digital marketing guy after three months of no positive results. Many businesses make the mistake of dropping their digital marketer because they didn’t get results fast enough.

6 months is a long time to find out whether your digital marketer is good or not. One way to gauge whether they are worth your time is to ask them how long it will take them to rank your site. If they answer four months or less, run away.

The truth is, ranking a site is a slow process and any person who will tell you it takes less than 4 months is probably employing black hat techniques. And there’s a reason why they’re called black hat. These tactics are considered unethical by Google and if your site gets caught doing any of these, you could get penalized which could only end up doing more harm to your business.

After the standard 6 months, all the hard work is not done yet. Digital marketing is a long term tactic and it shouldn’t be seen is a quick way to make sales. After seeing positive results in 6 months, your digital marketer’s job now is to make sure your site stays in that position or better yet, increase in ranking.

  1. They enhance your online visibility

A digital marketer’s job isn’t to only help your site rank on search engines. They also have to ensure you are visible by your target audience. This can done through a number of ways like PR sites, blogs, and social media.

You will most likely be required to create social media accounts for your business. It’s not a requirement but it’s encouraged. After all, many people spend time on social media these days and if anything, your target audience is probably hanging out at these places. Your marketer will first determine which platforms are best for your business before signing you up for one.

Part of maintaining online visibility is also making sure you put out fresh content whether it’s on your site, or on other relevant blogs. Google takes freshness into account when ranking a site and if there isn’t new content associated with your site, your ranking could drop.

  1. They help you bring the right customers

It’s not enough to know the age, sex, and location of your target demographic. You are competing with millions of other websites and having a wide target audience is only going to make it hard for you to reach the right ones. Ones that will visit your site and buy your product or hire your service.

A good digital marketing expert like DSG – digital marketing experts in Australia will use data gathered from your analytics tools to know who your target users are. This data help you determine how a user behaves when they’re on your site, or what publications they are reading.

Your digital marketer will then help you craft strategies tailored for these set of people. Studying your target audience helps you create an experience your users will love as well as attract more people to your business.

  1. They prevent you from making common mistakes

It’s not new for businesses to fall for the same old mistakes especially if it is translated to something relatively new as online marketing. If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want to waste time and money, a digital marketing expert can help you create strategies best suited for your business needs.

Because they have dealt with many businesses, they know which strategies work and which don’t. Ask for a list of clients they have helped in the past. This helps you gauge just how effective they are. It’s even better if they have worked with at least 3-4 businesses in the same niche as yours. They will have had experience employing different strategies to know which work best for the industry you are in.

Wrapping it Up

Those are just some of the ways your digital marketing expert can help your business. You’re going to be working with them for the long haul so it pays to take your time in selecting one. Don’t be in a hurry. Your business is better off being stagnant for a while than being harmed all because you were in a rush to find a digital marketing expert.

Did you have thoughts about what a digital marketing expert can do for your business? Let us know in the comments.