As the majority of homeowners would most likely shudder at the thought of re-wiring their homes and getting busy with electrical stuff, it is wholly unsurprising that very few would be likely to overhaul their interior lighting systems.  Understandable it may be but it can also be quite problematic as in the worst instances, bad lighting has the very real potential to make what is undoubtedly a stunning and beautifully designed room look and feel uncomfortable and cheap.  And the same is also true to an extent in reverse as a fantastic lighting system has the potential to make a relatively standard room sing in its own right.

6 Sublime Lighting Secrets from World-Renowned Designers

Now, if every last one of us could afford to hire our own interior designer and have an arsenal of stunning custom lighting products made on our behalf, this isn’t a problem we would have to worry about. Sadly, this just isn’t the way the real world works and for most people the whole interior décor saga tends to be one of do it yourself or don’t do it at all. It’s therefore quite fortunate that some of the industry’s leading gurus are more than happy to share a few inside secrets to help those looking to give their own home’s interior lighting a bit of an overhaul.

So fresh from the minds of the folks at, here’s a very brief introduction to six supremely sublime lighting secrets that have the potential to add up to a real difference:

  1. Above and beyond everything else, the number one secret when it comes to lighting up a living room in a way that’s effective and comfortable is variety. Or in other words, exactly what you do not want to do is to have a single bright lighting source which you rely on to light the whole room. If possible, vary the living room’s lighting quite considerably by adding different lights at different heights and in different locations across the room.
  2. When and where there is a feature in your room or something that you are particularly proud of or enamoured with, don’t be shy when it comes to bathing it in additional light. From simple spotlights to modern strip lighting or even just a carefully placed lamp, it’s all about quite literally putting your favourite objects and features in the spotlight to make them the stars of the show.
  3. Never forget that it is not necessary for literally every single square metre of your home’s interior to be lit to the same level. What you are not looking for is the kind of effect which is similar to that of a shopping mall where the same level of ultra-bright brightness persists constantly throughout the entire building. Instead, it is more than acceptable and indeed recommended to ensure that there are different levels of brightness and darkness throughout the home and even throughout individual rooms. Anything else and you risk creating a sense of sterility.
  4. Do not fall into the trap of assuming that just because you have always had them, you actually need to have any lights situated right in the centre of the kitchen. It isn’t that central kitchen lights are necessarily ineffective, but rather the fact that more specifically targeted lights on the kitchen islands and countertops create a far better effect and are much better to work with at the same time.
  5. As the bathroom will undoubtedly be the brightest room of the house, it is important not to overlook the direction of the light. For example, you’ll probably be aware of the fact that it is impossible to effectively use a mirror if the bathroom’s primary lighting source is behind you. At the same time however, it isn’t enough to have just a single strong source of light above the vanity either. If you only have one light above all around your vanity, it is inevitable that it will cast shadows all over your face and any other body parts you care to study in the mirror. Instead, it is much better to ensure that the light is balanced by adding lights on the top of the vanity and also to the sides.

Last but not least, when it comes to the single simplest and most effective means by which any homeowner can wholly revamp their lighting system and inject new life into the home, nothing comes close to the installation of simple dimmer switches. You would be amazed just how much the rooms of your home appear to transform when you simply play around a little with the strength of the lighting, without actually having to change any of the lighting itself.