Transfer from or to the airport is one of the topics and dilemmas of many travelers who use airport and airline services around the world. While it’s very easy to find it on the Internet, you need to know some things that could make it easy for you to choose your vehicle.

For the Airport

Since the Airport has come to life, travelers who first arrive at Nis offer various transport possibilities to their final destination. From renting a vehicle, a van and a bus to taxi and city transport. So, the passenger is offered almost everything and we start in line.  With the Rome airport transfers, the options are there.

  • Renting a car at the airport, according to the world, is available already online and before you land in Rome you can reserve your vehicle and provide yourself with a carriage. From local, regional and world rental car rentals, it’s up to you to decide.
  • You can also find an authorized transfer agent at the airport and who at very affordable prices carries passengers to several destinations throughout Rome, which we will soon write more about. In addition to the agent transfer, there are other combo carriers that offer their services.

Taxi is also one of the modes of transport that you can use if you are staying in Rome or need transportation to the bus station. With a start of 80 Dollars, your ride from the airport to some of the Nis hotels should not cost you more than 600 Dollars probably and less. (TIP: Rome also, besides Belgrade, has a problem with illegal taxi drivers, and if you are not careful about your choice, you can experience unnecessary inconveniences in the form of a significantly higher driving cost than you would be driving a legal taxi. At the airport, you can find most taxi numbers on which you can invite to pick you up.)

The Right Transports

If you prefer city transport every 15 minutes directly to the airport terminal you can ride a bus to the city, noting that it does not pass through the narrow part but circles the wider part of the city. As this is a circular line, anyone who plans to take a bus to a destination in Serbia from the main bus station can use this line 34A or 34B if it goes from a city in the city to the airport. The price of the ticket purchased at the conduit is 60 Dollars.

And finally, you can connect from the city’s main bus station to cities across Serbia and the region. To reach the station you can use either a taxi service or a line of city Transport Company. Choosing a transfer as you can see is great, it’s up to you to decide what suits you best.

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