We all are a part of challenging business environment where competition has become synonymous with the corporate profession. Every organisation thrives to surpass their opponents while increasing the satisfaction levels among customers. Doing so is of extreme importance as the only way to keep competition at bay is by delighting customers. Happy consumers don’t just purchase your products but they even promote them further. The benefits of having them are innumerable and as a result of this, increasing the levels of customer experience has become a major concern for companies all across the world.

7 Tips To Help You Personalise Customer Experience

As businesses have started outsourcing their business functions and verticals of customer engagement to call centres, it is becoming more and more important for UK call centres, Asian contact centers and call centres present at other vital locations to improve the overall customer experience. One great way of doing this is by means of personalising the entire experience of customers at each point of contact. Doing so would help in conveying to the customers that they hold great levels of importance and you are willing to provide them with customised solutions for their specific needs. However, the question which arises here is how a contact center can achieve this goal.

Well, this blog will provide you with seven great ways which will assist in personalising the experience of your customers.

  • Realise the worth of customer’s time and don’t waste it: The first step of personalisation has to be respect. The very realisation that the time of a customer is precious and shouldn’t be wasted will eradicate a lot of issues in the first instance. 
  • Greeting is a vital step: However trivial it might seem, but greeting the customers properly is something which can never be compromised on. Have you ever called a capable UK call centre and witnessed the warmth in the greeting of agents? Well, that is exactly what you need to train your agents for. 
  • Don’t forget to address customers by their preferred name: The most beautiful term for any individual is his/her name. As we are talking about personalisation, so rather than addressing customers by sir/mam try speaking to them by taking their name. Affix Mr. or Ms. /Mrs. as per customer’s agreeableness. 
  • Integrate call centre with CRM system: The place where all the information about a customer lies is the CRM system. Try integrating it with the call centre in order to ensure that as soon as a communication is established with the customer via call, all of his/her history pops up on the screen. This will empower agents to great extents while assisting them with all the customer details. Doing so would take the personalisation game a notch ahead as the agent would be able to provide better services to customer thereby improving the levels of customer experience. 
  • Call routing to appropriately skilled agents: Customers are important and you can’t just keep them transferring from one agent to other. Use technology in order to identify the issue of customer and then route the call or message to the agent who is proficient enough to handle it with utmost precision. Doing so won’t just save the time and effort of agents but would also help in improving the overall customer experience manifolds. 
  • call centre metrics are your best friend: Tracking performance is of utmost vitality. Ensuring that the call centre meets KPIs is a great way of guaranteeing that you’re heading in the right direction. In fact, metrics like First Call Resolution (FCR) can be really helpful in identifying if your personalisation game is up to the mark. 
  • Use different numbers for different products: The best practice being followed by UK call centres is that they use different phone numbers for different brands and products. This helps them in managing traffic while knowing the regard for which a customer called. The area of interest is already known without asking the caller. This makes you go a step ahead from your competitors.

Aforementioned seven tips will surely empower you in beating the competition while building long term cordial relations with clients. Personalising customer experience isn’t a luxury but a necessity in today’s business world as it lays the foundation of a lifelong bond with your customers. It will help you climb up the ladder of success while assisting you in growing your business manifolds.