Define and Investigate the Target Audience

First of all, before going to write, if you want your blog to succeed, and above all, your job as editor of any value, you need to analyze your audience. What people are targeted your content? Women? Men? Young ? or Adults? It is very important for your audience realize then offer them quality content with added value.

Also, before you get to play keyboard, examines the tastes and interests of your audience. Perhaps you believe the issues that concern the public does not have any significance, it is therefore important to analyze the competition and observe how users act.

Search Titles Become

Once you have identified the issues of interest, what kind of terms pointing users consult Google to offer degrees in those keywords and synonyms throughout the text.

Titles that begin with words like “… what.”, “How to use …”, “how to …”, “what is …” are the most translated and most users use Google to answer questions or expand information.

Use this type of security for the chances of appearing in the top results of search engines by searching for a particular keyword increase. There is nothing worse than writing a good text that can arouse great interest to the public and anyone in the network due to lack of optimization.

Write Content

Surely this statement the more you hear of one, two and three times. If you want to rank your web content must be written better, however, not worth to write or publish any type of content.

The copy or paste, duplicate texts or texts little worked not add any values to the user are fully penalized by Google. Therefore, if you want to get a good search engine optimization is necessary for daily work your content and you offer valuable information to the user. To do this, you can hire advertising agencies engaged in writing articles or freelancers.

But, Sure you’re wondering … Why is it important to write content regularly?

The original and unique content published frequently promotes that spiders or search engine robots to crawl more regularly a web site, and this fact helps to better indexing of the content.

In addition, quality content also benefits increased traffic as users are drawn to sites that offer good articles with a great job behind.

Renew Content

Refresh content is also very important in establishing a content marketing strategy aspect. In fact, if we want to improve the SEO of our website we have to make a year 60% of new content and cool the remaining 40%. By “cool” we mean adding more while maintaining the same URL, which is what is already indexed. Thus, the content is comprehensive, updated date and is more likely to increase positions provided the text remains unique and original.

Create Internal Links

Finally, if we want to improve the ranking of our website it is best to start generating internal links as we all know how difficult it is to get inbound links.

To avoid being penalized by Google, avoid over-optimized anchor texts and will make internal links to different internal pages of our website.