In many communities, most of the people are considered overweight or even obese. Excess stomach fat is a common thing that people have and some thinner people could actually have a significant amount of excess stomach fat. Stomach fat is obviously essential to protect our abdomen and the internal organs from shocks and bumps. It could absorb impact and damaging force can be spread evenly. However, it wouldn’t be too healthy to have a thick fat layer on our stomach. People who have a large stomach fat could actually have risks factors that hang over their head. Excess stomach fat isn’t only unhealthy, it could also indicate higher risks for us. Actually, fat layer on our stomach is consisted of two layers. Subcutaneous fat layer is directly under the skin and can be felt immediately when touched. Visceral fat layer is located under our stomach muscles, it can be felt by poking our stomach. This fat layer actually directly surrounds the internal organ and accumulated visceral fat will cause beer belly on people.

Why Excessive Stomach Fat is Dangerous

Studies show that excessive presence of subcutaneous and visceral fat layers could contribute to elevated risks. People may suffer from cancer, stroke, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and others more easily if they have thick fat layers on the belly. However, visceral fat is obviously more dangerous, because it releases a stream of fat molecules continuously. Common diet programs involve eating less fat, but more carbs and protein. However, excessive consumption of carbs could result in abnormal insulin activity and blood sugar will be converted into fat. Much of the newly created fat is deposited into the visceral layers. It should be noted corn syrup is particularly dangerous and for many people, it’s the common source of visceral fat. It’s clear that we shouldn’t cut our lives short by accumulating too much visceral fat. When we notice that our stomach fat is accumulating, then we should evaluate our diet and make a few changes. Also, reducing stomach fat level and strengthening stomach muscles would result in attractive appearance. Having six pack abs is something that could appeal to many people. Unfortunately, if we have excessive stomach fat, there’s no quick fix to this problems. Pills and vibration machines don’t work. The only thing that those abs belts and abs rollers do is getting rid of our hard-earned cash. Also, surgical fat layer removal will only affect subcutaneous fat layers.

The most sensible thing we can do to remove thick fat layers on our belly is by performing proper exercise programs. It is also important to stop further accumulation of fat layers by eating unprocessed, natural foods. In general, people who focus the exercise on belly area and perform proper diet could eventually lose their thick fat layers. We could get the visceral fat layer under control by managing our blood sugar level. The main focus should be to reduce the consumptions of high-fructose corn syrup, starch and sugar. Healthy fat can be obtained from avocado, olive oil, seed and nuts.

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