Acupuncture is a branch of healing method that is popular in Far East, especially China. Acupuncture isn’t based on standard medical theory and it is about governing specific functions in our body by focusing on many different points on our body. Millions of people are still turning to acupuncture for help and its healing effects have been experienced by many people. It is believed that our body has 365 different acupuncture points and this correspond with the number of days in a year. Our body also has 14 major meridian lines and 12 of them could represent our 12 main organs. Obviously, this starts to sound out of context with modern medical concepts. However, acupuncture points are proven to deliver distinct effects.

What We Should Know About Acupuncture?

Acupuncture also relies on a specific concept called Qi or the energy force of our body. It circulates throughout our body and the special pathways where Qi circulates are known as meridians. Acupuncture points are positioned along these meridian lines. In general, our Qi should flow freely to make sure that people are healthy. In some cases, the flow of Qi could be disturbed and this could a kind of imbalance. With acupuncture, we should make sure that the imbalance can be restored. While acupuncture could bring significant improvements for some more serious diseases, we could also get quick improvement for rheumatic pain, back ache, migraine and other conditions. Post-injury and post-operative pain could also be improved.

Acupuncture is more than just about inserting needles into our body. It is related to a complex concept that is combined with multiple complimentary techniques such as herbal medicines, messages, laser devices, moxibustion and others. However, the combination of herbs and acupuncture is known to deliver satisfactory results and cure for many kinds of diseases. Herbal medicines seem to significantly enhance the healing capability of acupuncture. Although many Western scientists have been working hard to find rationale behind the acupuncture points, there is still no clear cut answer. Results of Chinese healing therapy seem to defy logic and it would be difficult for doctors to reconcile with the concept of meridian system and Qi.

According to TCM, Qi is the life energy that’s prevalent inside our body. The essence of Qi is energu absorbed from food and water, inner working of kidney and the air we breathe. Qi circulates throughout our body and it flows freely when the individual is in good health. With acupuncture, specialists can restore the life flow and patients can be cured without any kind of side effect. According to observation, it is found that many patients experience a sense of relief without getting side effects. Acupuncture needles are significantly small than typical hypodermic needles and usually less painful when used. They should be used only once and shouldn’t cause any kind of bleeding. Many people are now using acupuncture as alternative treatment methods and it can be used to boost our body’s resistance against diseases and illnesses.

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