Like many others, we opted to go way after the kids had finished their holidays and booked a trip in October! We’ve been there and done that with family holidays in the past, going in the busy summer months and paying a premium for it but now that the kids are grown up and moved out, we opted for a later in the year trip, both due to it being quieter and also to try and save a little bit of money! We don’t need to pay over the odds to go in peak season anymore and, with that in mind, decided an October break could be quite nice! We booked into a lovely little Italian resort and had been looking forwards to it for months, as you would expect us to!

A few weeks before we went, however, it dawned on me that it was time to book that essential holiday extras like insurance and airport parking, those things which you know you need to book and pay for but aren’t anywhere near as exciting as booking the holiday itself! With this in mind, we wanted to keep things to budget and set about trying to save as much money as possible (pay as little as we could) without compromising on security on the car park and cover on the insurance!

A Quick Recap On How We Saved A Small Fortune On Our Holiday Extras

First things first; car parking! Flying from Luton, we needed a 2 week parking pass at Luton airport and wanted to ensure we were getting a great deal but also that there was no risk of the car not being fully safe and secure! We knew how much you could pay for parking if you often for the airlines recommendation but we didn’t really want to pay their extortionate prices! A friend suggested we check out what FHR have to offer at Luton airport and, to our pleasant surprise, we found that they could do us parking for just under half that which we had seen on the airlines website! A great saving of just over £50 and reassurance that we were going to be parking in one of the most popular and used car parks! Happy all round here!

Moving on to insurance…it’s simply a case that so many places now offer it that we didn’t know who to go with! We know they all offer similar policies but again, a recommendation from a friend saw us checking out what Tesco have on offer and, once again, we were incredibly impressed with the prices on offer! Two of us bagged insurance for 2 weeks for just under £35…a bargain if you ask us!

Quite simply, we managed to beat out expectations as to the prices we could get the essential holiday extras for (the boring ones) and felt we needed to write a quick blog to ensure that when you, our readers, are next going away, you can hopefully benefit from the same great prices that we did!

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