Who doesn’t love that perfect glass of fresh juice with a mini-umbrella on top, and a lemon by it’s side? Of course you’re swooning over it. But before being aesthetically drawn, it’s best to know how real and fresh your juices are, and how much they can impact your health.

Juices aid significantly to a balance the diet of a person. From helping the digestive system, to appeasing the taste buds, juices have always had a special role in our meals. Listed below are a few benefits and cautions for fresh juices:

Rich in Nutrients

Fresh juices are extremely rich in amino acids, the building blocks of protein, and carbohydrates.

1. Amino acids and proteins are required for the creation of enzymes in the body to run multiple functions.

2. Carbohydrates are energy giving nutrients. With high levels of carbohydrates, and low fat, juices help for an excellent, wholesome meal.

Weight Loss

As is always recommended by physicians, when on a strict diet, juices are extremely vital to help maintain the food intake, and at the same time, not limit it to the extent of starvation.

1. Starting the day with a fresh glass of juice not only ensures a low fat intake, but also gives you enough energy for the rest of the day.

2. A glass of juice pre, or post workout also refreshes you, and takes away the fatigue.

Fresh Juice! Making The Most Of It For Your Health

Improve Body Systems

Fresh juices are an important key to a healthy body system and their functioning.

1. The water content in the juice helps cleanse various organs of the body including the stomach, kidneys and intestines.

2. Fresh juices have positive gastro-intestinal actions, and are helpful in cases of absurd bowel movements.

Improve the Immune System

The abundant presence of minerals and vitamins in fresh juices makes them an extremely reliable aid to building an immune system, making life easier if you haven’t done your ehic renewal.

1. Vitamin A plays an essential role in regulating the immune system by helping the body fight off infections, and boosting the activity of white blood cells, which defend the body from foreign substances.

2. An excellent anti-oxidant, Vitamin C produces white blood cells and anti-bodies for our immune system. It also helps in quick healing of wounds and infections.


Fresh Juice versus Packaged Juice

A mistake often made by us is that we treat fresh and packaged juices equally, thereby, subjecting our bodies to chemically made juices.

1. Packaged juices use synthetic flavours and colouring which are detrimental to the body.

2. As against the claims of most packaged juice companies, concentrated forms of fruit juice do not retain their original scope of impact, since after processing, they inevitably lose important active enzymes.

Fresh Juice versus whole Fruits/Vegetables

While it is true that fresh juices are made of their respective fruits and vegetables, to believe that both have the same effect on the body is a mistake.

1. Though fresh juices have lesser nutrients, fibers and water soluble vitamins, they are known to be better at being digestible.

2. Not only are fresh juices more comfortable, but also leave room for more solid food, with basic fats and essential energy-rich food items included in the meal.

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