26/365 - Hah!Taking care of an infant is not for the weak of heart. Raising a baby takes strength, patience and courage, but it also important to have knowledge. If a baby is to be raised the healthy way, it is crucial to gain knowledge on what it means to have a healthy baby and how to maintain a healthy state. To raise a baby that is happy and healthy you must transform in to a student of learning. Learn what It means to take a care of a baby, learn the how-to’s of everyday baby life, and don’t be too hard on yourself.
Learn the in’s and out’s of your baby
Learning about your baby is the first step to ensuring that your child will grow healthily. This takes times and patience. Take notes about your baby throughout the day, especially during the first few months of infancy. During this time, write down when they are hungry and what triggers their hunger, foods that cause upset stomachs, the triggers of their tears. Writing this information down will set a foundation for building knowledge about who your baby is. Each baby is different and has different needs. As a busy parent, taking notes may seem like a hassle, but it makes a world of difference in your baby’s world!
Heed medical advice
When it comes to raising baby, the decision the parents make for baby are the best, but a doctor’s advice should never be pushed aside. Your baby’s physician has your child’s best interests in mind and wants to see your child grow properly. If your doctor thinks that your infant needs more of a certain nutrient, don’t dismiss it as medical jargon based on the old wives tale your mother told you.  Test your doctor’s advice; see how your baby responds. In most cases, your doctor is right about what he or she may have suggested about your baby.
Ask Questions
A great way to gage if your baby is growing properly is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask other mothers, and even new mothers, what they have noticed about their baby. This is definitely not an invitation to compare and scrutinize someone else’s baby, or your own, instead, it’s an opportunity to notice if your child needs medical attention. Asking questions can show you where your child needs special attention and can allow you to see red-flags concerning your child’s health. Babies need a lot of attention and asking questions is one way of showing that you really do love your baby.
Be patient with yourself and get support
As a parent, ensuring the proper growth of your child can be exhausting. Every mom and dad makes mistakes and cracks under the pressure from time to time. Regardless of how many times you’ve broken down and cried, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. In fact, stressing out about your baby’s welfare shows how much you care. Making mistakes is a part of raising a baby, but getting the knowledge you need is essential to preventing the occurrence of life-threatening situations. Gaining this information takes time and can be daunting, but remembering that we’re human relieves some of the strain.  Find support from your husband, wife, friends, and family. Those who love you will help cheer you on and give you the confidence you need. Your loved ones believe in you and you can believe in yourself!
Stay focused
Your baby may cause you stress, headaches, anxiety, and fear, but remember to stay focused on what matters…your baby! Showing the utmost love and care for your baby is the best way to make sure that your baby is growing properly. Many times parents lose focus of what’s most important by letting the long-nights, and countless diaper changes get to them. Even when the laundry list is overflowing, and the trash needs to be taken out, remember that loving your baby should always be #1 on your “to-do” list.
It’s easy to get caught up in being the perfect parent, which means that it’s easy to lose sight of ensuring your baby’s proper growth. Stay knowledgeable about how to care of your child. Your baby is different than all the others but there is much valuable advice and information to be shared and utilized when it comes to your community of support. Learn about your baby, listen to your doctor, and ask questions to make sure your baby is healthy. Be grounded in a safe and encouraging support system and love yourself and most importantly-love your baby.
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The author, Cristena Julia, is an experienced writer who contributes for Kiwi Families. Julia has worked as a blogger, editor, and content creator. The article elaborates on ways to ensure the proper growth of babies.

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