If you are looking for a fun filled family vacation then a great destination is Melbourne. Australia’s second largest city is actually the country’s cultural capital. It boasts extensive shopping options, a wealth of galleries, Victorian-era architecture, large parks and gardens, fantastic theatres, an array of museums, and so much more. You definitely won’t be short of things to do. And if that wasn’t enough, a lot of travel agencies are offering cheap flights to Melbourne these days. Thus, this is a holiday you can enjoy without having to worry about money.

There is little denying the fact that the weather is one of the main reasons why people flock to Melbourne. Summer is from December to February and temperatures reach up to around 30 degrees Celsius during this period. If you are a family who enjoys a trip to the beach then you will definitely love what Melbourne has to present on this front. But, what else has Melbourne got to offer? Let’s take a look at five of the best places to visit as a family whilst on holiday here…

  1. Werribee Open Range Zoo – Australia is a place that is well known because of its unique wildlife. The Werribee Open Range Zoo is a perfect replication of this. From giraffes, to cheetahs, to zebras, to rhinos, to monkeys; this zoo has it all.
  2. Melbourne Museum – You can get a real feel for local history here. From exploring the rainforest to resting in a rollercoaster car; the activities here are vast.
  3. Funfields– This is a family fun park. It boasts an outdoor location and a wealth of different rides for all ages. Need I say more?
  4. Melbourne Aquarium – If you prefer the underwater kind of species then why not head to Melbourne Aquarium? From rays to sharks; prepare to be amazed.
  5. Auscarts– Finally, last on the list is an indoor karting venue which defines the words; state of the art. Get ready for some fast paced fun!

Nevertheless, if you are watching the pennies, then don’t panic. There are lots of great free attractions in Melbourne as well. This includes; the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square, Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market and the State Library of Victoria.

Enjoying An Excellent Vacation In Melbourne With Kids

Let’s finish off with some of the best places to eat whilst in Melbourne. Here are some of the places all of the family are guaranteed to enjoy…

  • Greasy Joe’s – Great for indulging. All-day breakfasts, fish burgers and beef burgers fill the menu!
  • Jacques Reymond– This restaurant is unique. It is set in a Victorian mansion dating back to the 1800s. However, the food is contemporary and innovative.
  • MoVida– Looking for scrumptious Spanish cuisine? That’s exactly what you will get at MoVida.
  • Little Cupcakes – Have you got a sweet tooth? Little Cupcakes does exactly what it says on the tin; provides an array of different tasty cupcakes. From red velvet to pistachio; you name it, they have got it.
  • Rockpool– Fans of steak and seafood love this restaurant.

So there you have it; the ultimate guide to planning the perfect family vacation in Melbourne. All you need to do now is head to Flight Centre Singapore to get your hands on cheap flights to the city. The company have achieved an outstanding reputation for providing excellent rates thanks to their relationships with the best budget airlines Singapore based.

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