Are you aware as to what is a pressure ulcer? Basically, it is called decubitus ulcer and it is a type of an injury caused to the skin or an underlying tissue because of prolonged pressure. If you have an elderly who suffers from restricted mobility or is bedridden, you ought to remain informed about the potential dangers that an ailment like pressure ulcers in seniors might have. Similar types of sores actually happen because of lying on one particular spot for a long time without necessarily shifting the body weight. Aged people with limited mobility, individuals suffering from diabetes and persons experiencing bowel and urinary incontinence more often than not experience pressure ulcers. According to, pressure ulcers (also referred to as bed sores, decubitus ulcers) are a real problem encountered by nursing home residents of various ages, races, and sexes. The exact treatment option varies depending upon the grade of the pressure ulcer. There are certain cases, where skin discoloration happens and in other cases a fair extent of damage to the skin patch and underlying structures take place as well. During the early stages of a similar disease, the treatment is less challenging, while in the advanced stages surgery may be required, and it may demand longer recovery time than ever before.

It comes as a matter of grave concern that up until now, most of the hospitals primarily focus on the treatment of pressure ulcers in seniors and the extreme degree of pain and life-threatening infections which follow. But, they are still not active as far as formulating ways of preventing them remain in sheer thought and focus. This is understandable realizing that the cases of elderly patients suffering from pressure ulcers have risen by approximately 64% over the last decade or so and as many as 60, 000 deaths occur annually owing to hospital-acquired pressure sores. Wait, this is not the only toll which may worry you. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the average stay of a patient in a hospital experiencing a similar ailment is minimum 13 days and the average cost is on the higher side too. Pressure sores generally happen when the amount of blood supply to the skin of the patient is cut off for a period of minimum 2-3 hours, or such a health condition is aggravated because of constant pressure applied on certain body portions or tissues.

The ultimate objective of a comprehensive care approach dedicated towards pressure ulcers in seniors should be prevention and this demands a detailed and thorough understanding of pathophysiology, which leads to a similar type of health problem. In this context, you need to realize that both intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors exist for ulcer formation and it is imperative to determine those factors prior to coming up with a proper and effective treatment plan. A careful approach shall ensure that quality of life among affected seniors is not diminished in any way.

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