Mankind seems to collect information because they have the ability to do so, but again, mankind is so busy in collecting the information that they haven’t devised the means of using it. The sociologists have always claimed that the true measure of the society is not in what it knows, but in how it applies and what it does with the knowledge. Brain science has come up with multiple discoveries, and there’s a complete sea wealth of information that it at man’s disposal. While most of the people really enjoy reading about these new discoveries and expanding their intellectual level, how many of them have ever thought of implementing them in the daily life at all?

As far as the concept of 마음수련 is concerned, there are two possible outcomes of it, either one will get drowned in this sea of information or might turn it into a lifesaver by extracting the practical knowledge of it. There are several tips available for the discoveries of brain research which might help mankind improve their personal as well professional lives, and even help the others in influencing.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of human brain to continuously create new neural pathways which help in strengthening any skill on being practiced over and over. Since the same neural path is being drawn for multiple numbers of times, the brain gets habituated to it, and that path gets clearer every single day. The same thing happens physically within the brain as well, while one performs the action or simply visualizes it. There are some restrictions for the brain as well; it cannot decipher the difference between the action that is being performed and the action that is being visualized.

A simple experiment performed by two set of volunteers explained the entire thing explicitly. One group of volunteers were given the keyboards and asked to practice a particular piece of music. The other group was just given the notations and asked to imagine playing it on the keyboard. When the brain activity of both the set of volunteers was examined, both of them showed the expansion of the motor cortex, which seemed to be unusual for the second group since they have never touched the keyboard at all.

While most of the scientist have been studying about 마음수련 they have always referred to the words of Albert Einstein who believed that imagination is more important than knowledge. He has been practicing visualization throughout the entire life and he believed that why not take the advantage of brain plasticity and take the time to add the visualization as a part of a rehearsal of any skill that one wants to master upon. These graphic images that the brain captures prove to provide a complete flawless representation of the entire act, than photographic images as well.

The human mind is a wonderful thing, and physiologists rightfully claim that only a certain section of the human brain could have been deciphered. The entire rest remains for the age to come over and drill out the best of the lot.

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