Most of the diet plans are all about which food you must include and which food you must cut off. But in Abs diet, you have to work hard to see which food is best for you and which is not.

There are lots of methods that you can use when it comes to creating the best diet plan, such as seeing which food is best for your health, which food contains more nutrients and many more.

This is the reason many gym trainers add lots of foods in their diet plan for a perfect body. If you are planning to increase your muscles, then you have to stick to a particular diet plan with lots of foods and nutrients.

To make a perfect diet plan for abs, you must have to keep knowledge about which food is best for increasing your muscle mass and which food is bad. Keeping the knowledge about the foods is the most important step in any diet plan.

In this article, I will guide you on how to make perfect Abs diet for men and which foods are very important while following this diet plan.

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What Foods are best to get abs for Men?

When it comes to the abs diet plan, you have to keep a simple formula in your mind, which is:


It means you have to eat more food to get more muscles. Remember, it’s not a weight loss diet plan, which says you have to eat less to reduce more. It’s a muscle diet plan which shows you have to get more to gain more.

To get the best results, you have to eat more, but remember to get proteins, fiber, and other healthy foods. You can also eat carbs as well to get the best results.

You might be wondering which foods are best for your diet plan, so here are some foods that you can try to get the best result.

Here is the list of foods that you can try to gain muscles.

  • Lean Proteins
  • Berries
  • Chicken and Fish
  • Quinoa
  • Green tea
  • Nuts
  • Healthy carbs
  • Lots of boiled eggs
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Weight loss shakes

These are the foods that you can try if you are on a diet plan. Just make sure to add them in a healthy way such as don’t cook them in any other oil except Olive Oil.

Furthermore, these foods are also best, which means you can get muscles in no time. The best thing about these foods is that while eating them, you will not gain weight.

All of these foods are healthy and will help you to gain muscles in no time. But for better results, you have to stick to the plan.

You can also make different abs diet recipes with the help of these foods if you want to because they are best for your health.

What foods should you avoid for getting abs? 

There are lots of foods that you should avoid when it comes to abs diet. The reason is simple because you are already eating too many lean proteins, then you can’t have more carbs and junk foods.

If you are on a proper abs diet plan, then you must avoid some foods that are not good for your health. The reason is simple because you have to gain muscles, not weight.

There are many foods that you should cut off when it comes to gaining muscles, such as:

  • Sugary drinks
  • Alcohols
  • Fast food
  • Simple carbs such as (pasta, bread and whit roti)
  • Foods those are rich in healthy fats such as oily fish, avocado and many more.

These foods can cause constipation and can also damage your health; this is the reason many gym trains avoid it because of the side effects.

Abs diet rules to get perfect muscles

Here are the best abs diet rules which will help you to get perfect muscles for your body. The best thing about this diet plan is that it will guide you which food you can get to get six packs and which foods are not good for your health.

You can also try this workout plan for men which are for beginners and will help you to get the best result.

Generally, the good rule to get the best muscles is to get back on sugar and make sure not to take simple carbs. If you keep these two points in your mind, then you can easily get muscles.

Abs Diet Rules:

Before following any diet plan, you must have to follow some particular rules, which will help you to get the best result in no time. Make sure to follow all of these rules because they are best for your health and muscles.

Rule #1: Avoid eating sugar and different foods related to sugar such as coke, biscuits, white bread, sweet dishes, artificial juices, and many more.

Rule #2: Say no to simple carbs such as pasta, white bread, white roti, junk foods, dairy products, baked cookies, and many more.

Rule #3: Eat at least six meals a day to get the best result. This is the most important rule because you have to eat at least six meals to get the best result. It can be hard for those who eat only three meals a day, but you can start by adding one meal each day. In this way, you can easily get used to meals.

Rule #4: Add those foods in your diet plans which are best for your health. If you are following rule number 3, then make sure to add healthy foods in your diet plan. In this way, you can easily get the results in no time. If you are having six meals a day, then you must have to add healthy foods in it.

Rule #5: Drink smoothies regularly. If you are on a diet plan, then don’t forget to drink smoothies because they are best for your health. You can try different smoothies by adding fruits and vegetables. You can also make berries smoothies because they are easy to make and you can get benefits from it.

Rule #6: Don’t count days. Some people prefer to count days when they started the workout; this is not the right way to get muscles. You can count calories, but don’t count the days when you started your workout plans. This will make you less motivated.

Rule #7: Know what you can eat and what you can’t. If you are trying to gain muscles, then track down all your activities, because, in this way, you can get a better idea about what to get and what to not. Remember on your cheat days; you have to count the meals and calories too.

7-days abs diet meal planner

Here is the 7-day abs workout meal plan that you can follow if you want to gain muscles. This workout plan is general, so if you are on heavy workouts, then you can add more foods in this diet plan.

Make sure to consult your gym trainer because they will guide you better on how you can increase your food intake and which diet you can follow.

This abs diet plan is for those men who want to gain muscles and are beginners. This diet is not so heavy so, if you are planning to lose weight, then you can also follow this diet plan.

Diet Plan Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner
Day 1 Three small egg, one large apple, one cup of green tea Some berries Grilled chicken with some salad. Salmon with some veggies.
Day 2 Peanut butter with brown bread and three eggs boiled


Green tea with a small apple Grilled chicken and vegetable salad Grilled steak with vegetable
Day 3 3 small egg, one large apple, one cup of green tea One Large apple Vegetable Salad,

One grapefruit, one banana, and one black coffee

One boiled egg, one boiled spinach with black coffee
Day 4 3 big eggs with brown bread and green tea One large apple Grilled chicken and vegetable salad Grilled steak with vegetable
Day 5 3 small egg with one large apple Some berries with one cup green tea Grilled chicken with salad Grilled steak or salmon with veggies
Day 6 2 hard-boiled eggs with one banana Berries smoothies Grilled beef with boiled vegetables Dinner should be light. You can have soup.
Day 7 Peanut butter with one toast and green tea. One large Apple Vegetables with one wheat roti One chicken breast and one grapefruit.
Cheat day


Simple breakfast Few almonds Grilled chicken Your favorite cheat day meal



Final words

Gaining muscles is the most difficult task, but if you know the right methods, you can easily gain those muscles. If you want to gain abs, then you must be sure about your diet plans and also you must know how you can gain muscles. Comment below how this workout abs diet plan worked for you so that you can motivate others.

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