Microwave is an unnatural way to cook food. Our ancestors used fire to cook food for many millennia and when a scientist researched intense electromagnetic, he found that a chocolate melted in his pocket; which sends a chill up our spine. We should know that microwave doesn’t actually cook our food. When an electromagnetic wave passes through a group of molecules, these molecules will vibrate. If the electromagnetic wave is intense enough, the vibration will also intensify; causing heat to accumulate. It means that the energy to generate microwave radiation is transferred to the mechanical energy of vibrating molecules and finally heat is generated.

Although we can literally turn food into a charred mass with microwave, normally heated food with microwave is still raw. The normal cooking process alters the chemical structure of our food. Unfortunately, microwave does something to our food and this may produce multiple harmful compounds. Obviously, not many of us are willing to give something as practical and convenient as microwave oven. Also, average consumers often consider that heating food is enough to warm food or cook it. However, microwave oven could potentially endanger our well being and overall health.

Why Microwaved Foods Can Harm Us

It is important for us to try reducing microwave over usages whenever possible. Zapping food in the microwave oven is obviously very convenient, but we shouldn’t do it if not necessary. We could potentially harm our long term health by frequently throwing food into microwave oven. However, it should be allowed to use microwave oven to thaw frozen food. But it’s better to thaw food with running warm tap water. Letting our food to thaw naturally may cause build up of microorganisms. The situation could get worse if we use plastic containers when heating food in microwave.

When the temperature is sufficiently high, carcinogenic substances can be released to our food and eventually to our body. Oily and fat-rich food could be more easily contaminated by these substances; because they are based on the same hydrocarbons molecules. If we heat food using microwave oven, it is recommended to use ceramic, corning ware of glass. It is also important to avoid heating baby milk using microwave oven, especially if it is in plastic bottle. Breast milk has significant benefits to infants and it’s as natural as babies can get. However, microwave radiation breaks down the beneficial substances inside breast milk.

If we want to heat up food, it is a good idea to boil it in a glass saucepan. It’s obviously more time consuming, but still better for our baby. We can reduce microwave usage only by planning ahead. We should decide what we should don advance. If we want to thaw food; we should know what plan that we need to follow through. It is important to weigh up the drawbacks of using microwave. If we want to heat food, it is a good idea to choose electric oven. This is a better way than using radiation that can radically alter our food. In fact, it is better to eat cold food than eating a “nuked” one.

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