You’ve probably tried strict diets and exercise to lose weight but just do not get your goal. Why? Maybe it’s time to take a look and identify those habits that sabotage all your efforts.

Too Little Sleep

Unravel little more rest and is one of the habits that humans do not possess. It is proven that sleeping less than 5 hours digestive hormones responsible for controlling hunger alter therefore you will begin to develop “The big brain” causing waking feel need to eat something sweet. That’s why experts recommend that a good rest is achieved through 7 or 8 hours. Now you know, to sleep much that’s one of the pleasures of life.

Eating Too Little

Just as overeating causes weight gain, eating too much can also cause the same effect. Do not think that by reducing the amount of food going to better metabolize fats, not at all! Do not put your health at risk and avoids annoying rebound. The recommendation is that all your meals and snacks verify the amount of protein that is elevated to thereby minerals and have enough to do your daily activities energy.

Love Diet Products

Make no mistake! Forget your diet soda, if you are one of those who think that because it has no calories slimline because you are mistaken, recent studies claim that consuming diet drinks are associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2. In addition, remember that the more products you will consume diet trapped in the cycle of sugar.

Eating in Front of the TV or Computer

Enjoy your meals, watching TV or your computer habits, it is one of the most fattening us. If a person eats this way increases the amount of food you eat at that time, and the rest of the day. The recommendation is that you enjoy your food in the company of friends or family so you allow your brain to register that you are taking food and throw you a sign that you are satisfied at the right time, and you will be able to hear it.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are very important to general health factors. But when a person is subjected to high levels of stress or anxiety can make bad decisions and most common is to take refuge in junk food, our recommendation is to do basic breathing exercises and you can also choose to do some activity; run or walk, that way your brain will remain focused on other things and therefore diminish cravings.

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