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All About Fibreglass Doors

There are many different types of doors that have each been made with the help of high-quality materials with their own unique characteristics and benefits. Doors that are made from fibreglass are very strong, durable, and energy efficient. These doors offer more advantages in the cold seasons as they are very good heat insulators and they have now had officially overcome their previously cheap image, and now are competing as equal as their traditional wooden door counterparts. Fibreglass also finds its uses in fibreglass Buddha statue and other decorative items. Try decorating your lawn with high-quality FRP mannequins.

Doors made of fibreglass feature superior strength and insulation as well as forged brass hardware. When you install any fibreglass door from a trusted company that takes the installation of new windows and doors for your home seriously they will come equipped with hardware that is heavier and stronger than aluminium or plated steel. This style of door has a host of benefits such as increased security and smooth operation. Owing to the increased popularity and demand for this type of material, you can now choose from over 100 different styles and colour combinations!


The main support for an entry system is the jamb is which acts as the frame for the slab and sidelites. It acts as a transitional component between the entry and your home, ensuring that the opening of the house is level, square, and plumb.

Coating Colours

It is best practice that you choose a professional door installation company that will offer you several options in design and function to choose from. You can try a company that offers fibreglass doors which are available in various standard interior and exterior colours that are applied in the factory during the manufacture. If you can’t find something that suits your style and tone for the rest of your home, find someone offering custom colour options.

Simple doors without any features or accents are a thing of the past. You can easily create a customizable centrepiece with a textured door to create an eye-catching appeal. Your front door shall be a reflection of who you are, after all, so why not add a bit of flair to spice things up?

Ball Bearing Hinges

Heavy-duty ball bearing hinges for your door are made of solid brass that will withstand the daily wear-and-tear of a high traffic area of your home and supporting the weight of your entry system. Even after years of installation, high-quality fibreglass doors will continue to operate the same as they did the on their first day of installation!

If you are in the market to buy yourself a new door to boost your home’s look but also you are budget-conscious, fibreglass doors are an excellent and viable option for you that will seamlessly combine performance, durability, and security.