1. General

The modern music scene

Not until 1964 had the eight-track player and the tape have been invented which was a magnetic tape sound-recording technology. The invention was an innovation from the four-track cartridge. It was a massive hit in the sound and audio industry. After that8-track players started to be installed in consumer cars which were available by then in many cars and trucks through the early 1980s.

However, it did not last for long with the introduction of the cassette in 1971. The invention revolutionised the entire music industry by allowing record high-quality music playback. Many music productions then switched to cassette and their production line started to expand with many products and innovations.


The first boom box was patterned five years later. It was a portable cassette tape recorder and player with a built-in radio. The louder and heavier bass required a bigger design. This music device soon became a status icon in urban society and closely linked to the American hip-hop culture.

The music industry also experienced another big change with the introduction of Walkman which is a portable cassette player through headphones. The device soon became a favourite music player for teenagers and music fans alike.

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Another big change in the 20th century was the introduction of the compact disc in 1982. The invention was the result of the transformed digital technology which allowed for a higher music quality than cassettes. The thin disks can contain more songs than cassette ever could and very the CD era had taken over the world. Not only for music, along with computer and electronic innovations, the VCD was also born. The invention then changed the direction of the music industry as many music player manufacturers started to release CD-player products including boom box and Walkman.

MP3 players

Finally, the MP3 was invented in the late 20th century. With the help of computer science and the Internet, we finally can now download music from online websites, setting another platform for the music industry besides rawphysical sales. Music devices had to shift from CD to digital music and the era of digital was just beginning. Today we can find Bluetooth enabled mp3 players which also come loaded with their own songs. Try out the Saregama carvaan Mini Audio Player in California or your city to relieve the hit golden Hindi melodies. You can easily find the Saregama Evergreen Hit Song Player in the US or your country.