Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers are essential for faster loading of your website across multiple locations. To simplify, CDN copies the data from your website’s host server and distributes it across its network spread across the world. This reduces the loading time of your website drastically for the viewers irrespective of location. Since website loading speed is an important criterion in a website’s ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), consider a reliable and resourceful CDN like the Ashburn Dedicated Servers to boost your website’s visibility and traffic.

Points To Consider Before Choosing A CDN Server For Your Website

So, now that you have decided to opt for a CDN service, consider the points mentioned below to choose the most suitable for you.

Know Your Bandwidth

The bandwidth consumption of your website is the first indicator of the kind of CDN service provider you need. For example, if you consume less than 100 GB, a premium CDN is not required. Any website using bandwidth above 100 GB to 500 GB should ideally opt for a good CDN service provider for an improved user experience. Also, these service providers offer different data plans based on the amount of bandwidth consumed by your website, so being aware of it is important.

Website Visitor’s Demographics

One of the main purposes of opting for CDN services is to enable faster loading times of your website on the visitor’s screen. In order to optimize this experience, you must know the locations from where you receive the most traffic. Then, cross-reference this data with the CDN service provider’s server location. Ensure that these servers are nearest to the locations your traffic generation is happening.

Number Of Servers

Another consideration directly linked with the point discussed above is the number of servers under your CDN service provider. A healthy concentration of these servers spread out evenly across your target regions is the hallmark of a resourceful CDN company. So, find out whether to quantity and distribution of servers matches or exceeds than the number of your target zones.

Whether The Servers Employ ‘Push’ Or ‘Pull’ Technique

This is concerned with the techniques employed by the service providers to enable faster access of your website. ‘Pull’ servers simply re-write the URLs while the website remains at the original one. Whereas the ‘push’ servers copy your website to all the other server locations across the CDN spread. A good service provider like Ashburn Dedicated Servers, however, provides a combination of both these techniques for an optimum result.

Report Generation And Analytical Tools

These are essential for monitoring the performance of your CDN service providers’ efficiency. A reliable and robust outfit will have a detailed reports section. Here you should be able to view your site’ response times and throughput among other parameters, both instantaneously and over a period of time.

So, considering the points mentioned above will help you to secure the services of a CDN service provider worth your investment.