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Premium Spectroscopy Systems

In recent years we have seen the development of alternative methods to the costly and complicated laboratory analyses. Such methods are applied in universal quick fuel analyzers. Quick analysis is very important in the qualitative evaluation of fuels, used for refueling vehicles with advanced drive units. Using a poor quality fuel may, best case scenario, result in having to clean the fuel system and in the worst case, it might cause permanent damage to the engine and the injection system. Hence, to maintain and improve the quality of fuels, we at Spectro-Intelligence LLC are here with the latest fuel testing equipment and processes.

Viscometer Systems

The physical quantity “viscosity” is that term that gives the information on how thick a fluid is and how easily it flows. In the scientific terms, viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s internal flow resistance. It is the resistance that a fluid shows when being deformed. Viscosity is a physical parameter that is measured throughout the industry to gain insight into materials and their behavior.

How the Viscometer System works

Viscometer Systems are that devices that calculate the viscosity by measuring the differential pressure over a slim tube held at a constant temperature, a variable speed metering siphon allows for multiple ranges using a fixed-length fine.

Precise temperature control is achieved by immersing the measuring fine in a small stirred heated oil shower. Viscometer can accommodate a wide range of pressures and temperatures at the inlet and can return samples direct to the process.

The use of a variable speed metering siphon means the single fine tube can be adapted for the wide range of consistency measurements required by different products.

Optimized design

An extensive range of measuring temperatures and sample inlet and outlet conditions minimizes the need for additional sample handling components, simplifying overall system design for a more reliable measurement.

Hazardous Area certified

It’s robust, explosion-proof design is certified to the latest standards and is suitable for zone 1 or zone 2 uses; and ETL listed for the USA and Canada Class 1 Div1 Group CD, depending on application.

Easy to use

Innovative touch screen user interface, auto validation, and calibration options and extensive in-manufactured diagnostics make operation simple. Digital control options include Wired Modbus RTU (RS485) and Modbus RTU over Ethernet (TC/IP) available as standard. OPC (wired) is also available.

Flexible Alarms

Caution conditions might be allocated as active or inactive, with alerts notified on-screen and stored in a caution history. Active cautions can be set to activate a warning alert contact for notification, or a deadly alert contact to suspend operation.

Working closely with our clients

We work closely with all our clients from the planning and development stage, through to quality testing stage. We help achieve complete confidence in processes that are as efficient and cost-effective as could be expected under the circumstances, to guarantee product quality, and maximize profit.

Our process analyzers are redesigned from first principles, utilizing the best of twenty-first-century technology to deliver increased exactness and repeatability. Spectro-Intelligence LLC also specializes in delivering Spectroscopy Services in USA. Therefore, get in touch with our executives to book an appointment.