Rose” – These simple four letters make anyone’s day super special. People love the lovely colors, scents and features of this lovely looking flower, especially women. It can simply express your love towards the recipient. Any wedding can look simple and apathetic without the presence of rose.

All You Want To Know About Wedding Flower : Rose

They can also make a fantastic wedding gift and can be chosen to help the newlywed to celebrate their big day romantically. If you’re also one of that hubby who wants to impress his wife then, send roses online to make her surprise on the most loveable day.

Here are some tips that can help you in choosing those special flowers to make your wedding day fragrant…

Why Are Roses So Commonly Associated With Weddings?

Roses have been seen as symbol of affection and love so far, so it is no wonder that they are linked with weddings. As per color, they convey a different meaning so choose your wedding roses carefully,…

  • Red wedding roses stand for affection and romance

  • White wedding roses stand for purity, new beginnings and innocence

  • Orange wedding roses stand for excitement

  • Pink wedding roses signify affection and joyfulness

Practically, the structure of roses makes them ideal for bouquets, table arrangements and boutonnières. They give luxurious feeling without being overly expensive and the modern hybrid varieties have a long seasonality so they are readily available.

Where Do Roses Come From?

Mostly, roses occur in the Northern Hemisphere and they are mainly bred in Europe and North America. So, you can find all the species of flowers at the place.

What Types Of Wedding Roses Are Available?

There are many varieties of wedding roses available but the type that you choose may depend on the style of your wedding, your actual budget and in which area you are using those flowers?

Consider these five possibilities :

  1. Hybrid tea roses are the most commonly used wedding roses and come in a wide variety of colors. They have high centred blooms and think strong stems with just one bloom to a stem.

  2. Floribunda roses have a less structured and natural appearance than hybrid tea roses. They are mostly grown as garden roses. Some common types of them are, Apricot Nectar, Pink Parfait, Sexy Rexy and Bella Rosa. They are mostly available in bloom from September to May.

  3. Heritage roses are the best for a classic and vintage theme wedding. Although, they may be more expensive as they are not as readily available as hybrid tea or floribunda wedding roses. Some examples are, Lady Hillingdon, Penelope, Sombreuil and Charles De Mills.

  4. Some of the wedding flowers are perfect if your wedding has some patriotic flavor, such as a Victoria Gold, April Hamer, Daydream, and Minnie Watson.

  5. Miniature roses can make adorable table arrangements as well as bridesmaid’s bouquets and headdresses for the flower girls or the bride. Types of this rose include Snow Bride, Winter Magic, Loving Touch etc.

No doubt, wedding is a huge day for every bride and groom’s life. It is said that, if you are blank about which flowers should be perfect for your wedding or which flowers are available in particular season in your budget then, your all quests can be solved by Rose. Their presence can make your surrounding pleasant and amazing. For lots of lovers, roses can be helpful to fulfill their inner desire in proposing someone special.


After knowing the facts about roses, hopefully, you can choose flowers according to your needs. If you want to make your wedding day more memorable then, there can not be a better choice than rose. Keep Smiling!

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