If you are like me, then you enjoy fashion. Whether it’s reading fashion magazines, looking through online blogs, or just trying on and modeling clothes in front of the mirror. Of course, if you’re also anything like me then you know how expensive it can be to stay up to date with style. But just like everything, there are tricks which can get you by.

The first place to start is with layers, which works perfectly for winter. Step into your favorite designer stores and look for items which you can place over other items. A warm cape or throw-over are both great choices. Is it going to be expensive? Yes. Can you wear anything you like underneath it with people assuming it’s all designer? Absolutely, Yes!

It pays to do your research. Spend some time looking through designer jewelry and accessory websites and find a few signature pieces which you think you will realistically wear the most. Signature pieces which catch the eye are a great visual distraction away from any cheaper jewelry you want to wear.

Never pay store prices. With the list of items you want in your hand, you don’t need to browse, which means you can focus your efforts on finding lower prices for your accessories. Look through online forums for tips and links, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Stein Mart, and connect with other similar minded fashionistas for their advice.

If you can’t dress this season, dress decades ago. Instead of recycling an outfit from last year’s collection, take it even further and find an outfit in a thrift store or online retro-clothing distributor which is from a previous decade. Not only will it be cost effective, but an iconic era-based style always works.

Keeping with the ever-changing fashion trends isn’t always the cheapest hobby to have, but it sure does keep you looking good! The next time you are flipping through fashion magazines looking for a new style, flip through these ideas too and you might just get an item you never thought possible.

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