With the increasing popularity of the concept of meat-free food and the health benefits of practicing vegetarianism and veganism, there is a great increment in the number of restaurants, all over the world, that belt out amazing and completely mouth-watering vegetarian dishes. Specifically, we can see this popularity hit the completely meat-following countries within Scandinavia. In Oslo, Norway, there are many restaurants turning vegetarian-friendly to attract the multitude and they are doing a great job at gathering the crowds. So, if you are currently visiting the city and need a lovely place to eat pure vegetarian food, you got to put down the car rental Oslo compare guide and march your way through this list of the top and best 5 veggie restaurants in Oslo.

The Kasbah

First on our list is this a really cool restaurant sitting at the heart of Alexander Kiellands Plass. While they also serve meat dishes, their spread of vegetarian and vegan food is highly delectable. Along with vegetarian and vegan, they also serve gluten-free food for those in need of it and they specialize in getting to the crux of Middle Eastern cuisine. Falafels and hummus are one of the best dishes that is served in all their traditional cooking techniques.

It is a cozy corner café and attracts crowds from all over the region. The place is a hang-out hub for young and old and has a mystical and fuzzy Mediterranean feel to it. At night, the café also hosts a number of other activities including stand-up comedy shows, karaoke nights, quiz nights, and great talks.

It is a budget place and lively for one seeking a good time.



Coming right from Pakistani soil, Mehfel is an amazing place serving one of the best and authentic vegetarian dishes in the land. The dishes reflect the cuisine from the Punjab Province, giving you all the feelings of traditional Pakistani cooking. Their trademark dish is the Karel do Piyaz that is onion-based and can be thoroughly described as the food from the soil. The ambiance reflects the Middle Eastern and South Asian culture and the service is par-excellent. The meat served at this place is strictly Halal.

It is a mid-range restaurant with an elegant ambiance and very friendly crowd that manages as the host. Highly recommended for the taste of the Indian Subcontinent.


Mathallen Food Hall

This is one of the biggest food markets that serves the best vegetarian dishes to indulge in. With a high range of more 30 different food shops and eateries to choose from, you will find yourself moving from window to window and simply taking in the sight and aroma of delicious food along the way. Apart from the many restaurants, you will even find produce stores that you can purchase the freshest groceries in the region.

The market has a great serving area, some indoor and some outdoor and you can choose from all the wonderful cuisines coming in from all over the world. Helt Rå is one popular restaurant housing the best vegetarian food in the market.


Krishna’s Cuisine

Bringing to you a delectable assortment of Indian vegetarian and vegan cuisine is Krishna’s Cuisine, an effortlessly amazing restaurant that serves the best dishes known in the Indian cuisine. The place and the ambiance are Indian-inspired to say the least and offers great dishes at a great price. The value for money quotient is high at Krishna’s Cuisine. Completely vegan food is also available with lovely tastes and Indian spices.

Situated at the Colosseum Center, it also offers buffet options for those who need to get their fingers into the lovely rice, curries, and pappadam of specifically, South India. The management is great and the service is very prompt. A go-to place for hardcore vegetarians and vegans.


The Fragrance of the Heart

Standing true to its name, The Fragrance of the Heart provides a great variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes in the city. If you are looking for a great dining experience with a somber ambiance, look no further than The Fragrance of the Heart! Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food and best coffee make The Fragrance of the Heart a sincerely go-to place for all those who love to indulge at a budget price.



These are all amazing places that bring out one of the best vegetarian dishes in Oslo. So, now since you are done imagining these amazing places, get back to your car rental Oslo compare guides and zoom your way to the nearest stop for awesome food!

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