Digital marketing has been evolving at a rapid pace. Every year new trends outshine the old concepts and techniques to deliver more power and efficiency to e-Commerce business. From new hardware and software to new user preferences and programs, every year online world witness incredible update to take performance to new heights. Therefore, one has to keep himself up to date in order to encase benefits of the latest trends and concepts to enhance performance.

Today, My Web Agent, a leading online marketing company in Melbourne, brings to you top 7 new digital marketing trends of 2016 that are designed to take online marketing to the next level and give more power to the online sector.

  • Video Adverts: Though video advertisements are not new, still they will surely dominate the year to a great extent. Since Facebook and Bing have started offering video options to advertisers, it proves highly beneficial to interact with audience through video advertisements. It will help online businesses to reach out to the audience easily.
  • Smart phones dominance: It is believed that smart phones will entirely take over the desktop usage this year. The usage of smart phones is surged last year and likewise mobile traffic has also been increasing significantly. Hence, this year people will surely use mobile phones more than a desktop.
  • Rise of Apps: Due to the dominance of mobile phones in the world, mobile Apps will surely dominate the online world this year. Many ecommerce companies have started offering mobile applications and insist users to use them for better and quicker experience.
  • New Optimization Options: Apart from search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, online marketing will see the rise of Siri and Cortana this year. Both can also be optimized to troubleshoot queries of customers. Hence, now online entrepreneurs can choose these two virtual assistants to put their business details rather than listing information on the web. The best part is that it can be accessed through these virtual assistants.
  • Rise of Virtual Reality Devices: It is speculated that a good number of virtual reality devices are scheduled to be launched this year. Some of them are designed for specific applications like video games while others will be helpful for Oculus Rift.
  • Wearable Gadgets Will Rise This Year: This is the year of wearable gadgets. After the success of Apple Watch, smart phone giants are planning to unleash wearable gadgets with the best technology and design to offer good amount of information to users.
  • Rise In Online Advertising: Due to the rise in the number of online users and online marketing, many big eCommerce giants will likely to spend $10 billion on digital marketing strategies, advertising and planning in order to boost their online presence.