Modern consumers no longer rely on promises. The times when we really believed that magic creams will erase wrinkles only because says so are behind us. Nowadays, we want reviews and personal experiences, and such forms of advertising created a boom in the field of affiliate marketing. Every niche, including organic health care products, is more than ever focused on reviews with affiliate links that lead you directly to the website where you can buy the product.

After the purchase, you get your product and the owner of the website you used to research the product gets a special commission. Considering this, can such reviews be truthful and reliable at all?

We checked with a leader in another industry – This website specialized in binary trading and has great following thanks to their honest and objective reviews, however, their representative points out that there is no standard that can be applied to the entire industry:

“We are first, and foremost, a website that is fair, and only then an affiliate website. We put a lot of effort into reviewing products and try to give an honest opinion. However, there is nothing that stops binary affiliates from lying about the success rate of certain binary products. They don’t really care if the product is good for you, they care about their commission. We believe that many other affiliates operate in the same way – if you don’t research you organic product carefully, you might get burned.”

Are Affiliate Marketers Lying To You About Benefits Of Organic Health Care Products

How to Tell a Health Care Hoax from a Legit Product?

In these hectic times, we are more concerned about our health, and the popularity of organic products is on the rise. At the same time, there are more and more products that claim to be natural, healthy, eco, bio, or simply green. How to tell a good product from the bad one? Here are some tips!

  1. Look Beyond the Appearance

Many brands will simply take advantage of some positive associations we have with certain colors and designs to make their product seem more natural. For example, simple white and green design will be associated with natural and organic products rather than black and red design. Also, expect more organic and rustic design as well as recyclable packaging, but that doesn’t mean the content is organic as well.

  1. Check the Ingredients

Did you know that around 75% people in the UK who bought an ‘organic’ product believe they have been misled. Nowadays there is nothing easier than adding a lovely green label with ‘organic’ written on it. The main reason why anyone can do it is that there is no systematic rules and control on which products can be claimed organic. Reading the list of ingredients can help you judge the overall quality of the product and find out how many organic ingredients are really in there. Remember that some products that claim to be healthy are hiding many unhealthy ingredients. Behind clever branding and trendy packaging, there can be a whole list of ingredients that are more similar to fast food meals than to healthy organic product.

  1. Look for Certificates

When it comes to cosmetic, everyone can add the previously mentioned green label, but not everyone can add the certificate they like. European Union is known to have pretty strict standards for natural cosmetics so look for seals by Ecocert, Natrue, COSMOS. These organizations have a great reputation and are seen as regulators in the world of natural beauty. When it comes to food, most well-known certificate in the US is NOP (National Organic Program), in the European Union it is EU Label Program and Demeter International, and in Australia it is ACO.

Also, as always when it comes to buying products online, research forums and community groups that can provide you with more objective info about the organic health care product you are interested in. Also, learn how to read labels and get familiar with certified organic brands that deliver what is promised.

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