Mashed potatoes, Pecan Pie, Egg Nog and what not… I am sure the delicious smell of holiday food must be making your mouth water already. No doubt holiday is a time to pamper your taste buds with tasty treats, but do you know that an average person gains a minimum of one pound over the holidays. While you are taking a deep breath, let us remind you something. According to a research, this one pound stays with you forever and adds on every holiday. It’s next to impossible to lose that extra pound you gain over the holidays just like it is impossible to stay away from those sweet treats.  So here are some tips you can follow to stay healthy and enjoy your holidays.

How To Stay Healthy In Holidays

1. Pamper Yourself

Yes! A holiday is a time to pamper yourself, but not by indulging in rich meals and shopping alone. Why not give yourself some “me” time and go out for a massage session your body has been longing for. A massage session will lower your stress hormones and boost white blood cells which will protect the body against bacteria and germs. Only 10 minutes to spare and you go home completely relaxed.

2. Snack Wisely

Why not do yourself a favour and replace those high calorie snacks you munch all day when out shopping or at a gathering with something healthy. Even while travelling or going to a party, try to eat something light before leaving so that you don’t have any excuse and don’t overeat. Stuff your refrigerator with healthy snacks and fruits instead of ready to eat junk.

3. Avoid Overeating

At parties or gatherings with so many mouthwatering dishes around, we tend to fill our plates while trying to grab a bite of everything. Result: overeating. At parties follow the ‘One treat Rule”, don’t pour too much gravy, try to feast on veggies and stay away from food pushers who make you eat more in the name of holidays.

4. Focus on Fun not Food

Holidays are undoubtedly a time to enjoy and have fun, but definitely not through eating. We eat like it’s our last day during holidays. When you go to parties and social gatherings socialize instead of rummaging on holiday treats. Shift your focus from food to family and other rituals that are a part of the holidays. Caroling or tree trimming are good options.

5. Follow the Eat Low to High Rule

Stick to “Eat – low to high rule” while at parties. Start with something light like salads or soup, then shift to lean proteins so that by the time you reach your third course – desert, you are satisfied with a few bites.

6. Drink Wisely

Since you are celebrating does not mean you play with your health. Alternate your drink with sparkling water, a punch or soda. Alcohol interferes with your blood sugar and has lots of calories. Champagne has 89 calories per glass, a vodka shot – 55 calories and a pint of beer has 170 calories. Now you know how many inches you are adding to your waist with every glass of wine, so drink wisely.

7. An Early New Year Resolution

Make an early New Year resolution and promise yourself that holiday treats will not just be for the holidays. Occasionally, you can pamper yourself with pecan pie so that you don’t crave for it when the holiday’s come and then overeat. Same goes with other rich meals too. Once in a while is better than overdoing it during the holidays.

8. Fit Exercise in Your Daily Routine

During holidays we get an excuse to skip the gym, daily workout and supplements. Even if you skip gym include exercise as a part of your daily routine. Take the stairs as much as possible, try cycling and indulge in other physical activities as much as possible. Why not cut your own Christmas tree instead of buying one. It can be a good calorie burner. Also, do not skip supplements as they are extra important with no exercise routine and with the rich calorie diet on holidays. Men can make use of these holidays by packing with them the best muscle building supplements for men.

9. Have no Regrets

According to some researches, feeling guilty after eating something you won’t normally allow yourself to eat will lead to more unhealthy behaviours. Allow yourself to indulge in a guilt free meal for once, but get back to your normal routine the very next day. This doesn’t mean you can overeat, but you can definitely cut yourself some slack. But be sure not to feel guilty later.
All these tips can really come in handy and make your holidays healthier. So follow these tips and stop worrying about that extra weight you put on during the holidays.

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