The healthcare and medical industry is a very demanding and challenging sector in the world today. Professionals here need to be proactive and prompt to take care of patient needs. Employees are faced with pressures at times due to the scarcity of qualified staff at facilities. This is where the management and administration of these facilities need to take steps to give their staff and employees the benefits they deserve for their work.

Inspiring example to be followed

Heather Weber is the director of Finance in one of New Jersey’s esteemed medical concerns. She has the invaluable experience of auditing for reputed hospitals in New York and New Jersey. She plays an instrumental role when it comes to developing and planning healthcare and employee benefits for medical facilities. She has many years of experience in the field of planning and looking after full scope audits. This process involves the process of identifying and checking audit areas that are critical and analyzing client risks. She also examines critical areas of audit and is known for her accuracy and dedication.

The importance of internal controls in the healthcare and medical sector

Internal controls play a significant role in the healthcare and medical sector. Relationship building and maintaining harmony among employees becomes very important she says. It is here that her experience comes in as boon. Internal management is challenging as you have many types of people working in groups and teams. The healthcare sector and the medical industry cannot be interrupted with conflict. Being a woman helps her maintain both a practical and emotional balance. She says women are better when it comes to nurturing relationships. Both men and women play an equal part in creating the relationship – be it personal or professional. In the corporate world, it has been seen that women executives or leaders are more successful in building and keeping relationships. This applies not only to clients but employees as well.

Companies are now posting women in higher levels

She says the above trend has actually prompted many Fortune 500 companies to hire women for top level posts. This means the medical and healthcare industry is not the only sector you will find women in top ranks. Women have an uncanny ability to balance work and pressure. Moreover, when it comes to accepting challenges and pushing the boundaries, women are emotionally more mature over men. However, she says that scientists are still researching on the fact on whether make better leaders over men. She says she has seen many men in her industry and elsewhere that are great inspiring examples to be followed. In fact, many of her mentors are successful leaders and great human beings, she adds.

Heather Weber says that she enjoys here work and building relationships in the office. She says that being a director entrusts her with several responsibilities that she wishes to cerry out with dedication. Her peers say she is an inspiring woman. She is respected and loved by them all for her interpersonal and effective management skills!

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