Large organizations put a huge amount of resource into managing their employees, and ensuring as an employer that employment law is complied with. They will have their own Human Resource department, who will be well trained and highly skilled in making sure that employee’s rights are met, employment law is followed, and costly employment tribunals and legal disputes are avoided wherever possible. Annually, almost 200,000 claims will be made against employers with their employees, with an average of £9,000 per claim being paid out in settlements.

Where To Find Free Employment Law Advice

If you are a small company, operating successfully enough to take on several employees, then the luxury of a dedicated HR professional is probably the one which is beyond your budget. Under these circumstances employment issues can fall under the remit of an administrator, or even the business owner. Running a small business can be a really tough job, and the last thing an employer wants is any employment law disputes. Employees can be very aware, and rightly so, of their rights. An employer should have employment law knowledge, and be aware of its responsibilities to comply with it. Even the smallest employer would have some employment law experience as a result of running a business. With the law forever changing, expert advice is readily made available to an employer, to ensure they have the opportunity to comply with employment law.

Where To Find Free Employment Law Advice

There are a variety of options available to an employer to get the employment law advice they may need. A reliable source of free information is the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Services, commonly known as Acas. Their website provides a step-by-step guide to learn about the basics, and you can do it within your own time constraints. The guide is simple to understand, designed with the small business in mind it is therefore practical and concise. Acas started in 1975 and provides confidential and impartial advice. They provide information and guidance to an employer about employment law, mediation and training.

Acas provides a wide range of information on a variety of subjects, including employee contracts, how to deal with employee complaints, and managing discipline. They also offer a range of training course on human resource responsibilities, such as recruiting and managing employees. Acas also provides regular updates on new employment laws, which is essential information for all employers. If you prefer to speak to someone about an employment problem, there are telephone numbers on the website for employers to call to speak to an expert advisor.

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