There are different technologies used for web games. The simplest form of web games is based on email and technically, they are not a true web games. Early web games are based on JavaScript, Adobe Flash, ActiveX and Java. Flash is the most common way of distributing web games and it should allow us to add animations and plenty of interactivity.

Many popular web games are based on multiplayer and they could attract plenty of users. Many web games services have dedicated teams of customer support and sophisticated encryption protocols. Web games require fulltime game developers and the technology needs to be integrated with normal web implementations.

In the gaming world, there are two types of games, turn based and real time. Many web-based games are turn based, although real-time games are also possible, but this will require more sophisticated integration and synchronized actions between users. If we attack someone in the web browser, the connection should be responsive enough that the target hasn’t moved. Flash is usually used for single-player web games, but they can also be used for multiplayer solutions. It is true that Flash is increasingly considered as an old technology, but we could still use it easily for various purposes.

It is important to work with developers who can work well with server-side codes. If not, it could be necessary that we try turn-based solutions instead. RPG-based games can use Java technology and C# can also be used for web games. One of the more popular genres for web-based games is space exploration and they are usually turn-based. They are often coded using JavaScript, PHP and SQL. If we want to start a web-based gaming service, it is important to set up a powerful server. It may need to handle hundreds and eventually thousands of connections at once. It is best to have our own server in our location connected to fast data network.

LAMP is a good starting point if we want to build a web-based gaming service. It is consisted of four open source web technologies, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. For a modest server solution, we can utilize a used Windows PC machine and wipe the hard disk. We could install the Linux distribution and we can hook multiple machines with these networks.

In this case, we could use modest Windows PC machine and it should be usable for web-based games. New Linux distributions are known for their improved compatibility and user-friendly GUI. If we are unsure about what Linux distribution that we should choose, we could ask for experts in Linux forums for the best solutions. Linux is a highly dynamic environment and new solutions are released almost daily.

When creating solutions for specific web games purposes, we should make sure that it would appeal to users. The genre should be appealing to web-based games players and we are also interested in developing it further. Web-based games are getting intense competition from multiplayer mobile games, but it still has plenty of loyal following.

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