If you need bespoke lanyards for your company staff and visitors, or for a forthcoming event or trade show, you should visit the websites of different lanyard suppliers, and check out whether they can meet your specific need for personalised lanyards. Most of the reputed lanyard suppliers in the UK offer a wide selection of lanyard types – with an array of colour and design options – so as to offer customised lanyards to their clients.

The use of bespoke lanyards has undergone a notable increase in the present times; with lanyards now being used commonly for displaying ID cards, badges, or tickets at work, organisations, and events. Lanyards were initially used either for making some pertinent information on a card visible at all times or for safeguarding an object which could be lost. However, over time, lanyards have turned into as an important accessory for electronics as well as for ensuring that keys and other important items – like USB drives – are safeguarded.

Bespoke Lanyards - Lanyards Designed To Your Specifications

With an increasing number of companies and event organisers now using lanyards designed and manufactured in accordance with their specifications, most of the established lanyard suppliers offer a wide range of personalized lanyards to their customers. You can place your orders for lanyards of different styles, colours and materials; and have them customised with the name and logo of your company or a message.

To meet the customer’s needs for promotional lanyards, most of the lanyard suppliers offer the standard Flat Polyester lanyards, along with Nylon lanyards, and Tubular lanyards. In addition, some lanyard suppliers even offer eco-friendly lanyards which are made from biodegradable and recycled materials; and sustainable lanyards made from products like bamboo fibre. All of these lanyards, which can be personalised for different customers, come with a wide-ranging choice of clips, clasps, card holders, and fasteners.

The trend of personalised lanyards has caught up of late because a lot of companies now consider lanyards to be a popular promotional item. They want their staff to wear specially customised lanyards so as to draw the attention of potential customers to their bright and bold branding.

You can order bespoke lanyards easily from the websites of lanyard suppliers. From the detailed information available on these websites, you can select the type of lanyards which you want the supplier to customise for you. The step-by-step pricing process on the websites enables you to calculate the amount you will have to pay for the particular lanyard option which you have selected — the material, colour, print option, fitting, and badge holders which you require. After calculating the amount you will have to pay for your customised lanyards, you can place your order. In case you need some help from the lanyard supplier, you can also call up their customer service staff.

Overall, you can generally depend on lanyard suppliers to create customised lanyards to suit your requirements because most of the suppliers have a skilled design team which is expert at designing lanyards that highlight your company’s logo in a professional and attractive manner. Moreover, reputed lanyards suppliers supply thousands of customised lanyards each year, and are, thus, able to offer you premium-quality custom lanyards at competitive prices!